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Happy Halloween!



Well, it is Halloween, I have like a million things to do today.
I have to get some makeup for the girls costumes, put a snap on ine costume, wash it because it still smells like cedar from my cedar chest, find some vampire teeth for the 6 yr olds get up.

I was sent home a note last night informing me that I was "volunteered" to bring in 25 halloween pencils and erasers for my 5 yr olds class party today.

I don't mind that they like to give out something other than candy and junk food, but how about a bit more notice than 1 day?!
I looked at every dollar store, at Kmart (they were asking wayyyyy too much)
Wally world who also asked wayyyyy too much, like a buck a pop!

My money is budgeted down to the last penny, if I had been given a week or two more notice, I could have worked it into the budget.

Anyways, I wrote the teacher a note, "sorry, all the dollar stores were sold out, and I cant afford them at kmart and wally world"
"Perhaps next time a weeks notice would be more helpful, instead of giving me less than 24?"

Well, anywho, I need to jet, I have to get some stuff for the girls and they are gonna be home in about an hour and a half.


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