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My tounge hurts.
Now, don't be getting no freaky ideas.
I have been stressing out at work a lot and I have a tendancy to chew on my tounge ring.
I am afraid I will rip it out one of these days if I keep chewing on it.

Some days, I hate my job.
Like today.
The 3 o clock relief person called in sick.
Actually, he came in and he did not look good at all.
He was pale, running a fever, he had no buisness being around food or people.
He called me a few minutes ago to apologize.
I told him he was very sweet to do so, but I knew he was sick, and I did not hold that against him.
He could not control how severly he got sick.
Don't get me wrong, we can all do things to improve our health and decrease our chances of getting sick, but short of staying in an isolation room, or wearing a mask all the time, we can not avoid getting a cold.
Especially if your a parent.

Anyways, to make a long rant shorter, he and "dale" as well call him arranged to switch days and shifts.
Dale would come in and work "Joe's" shift from 3 to 11 today, Joe came in and was sent home right away.
Dale never showed, never called, nothing.
needles to say that left me there, alone, for 5 hours until the end of my shift.
Now, not having anyone to cover from 6 to 11 is a bad thing.
So we called in a wild card, one of the ladys that works at the fuel desk at the truck stop area came over to work in the resteraunt until the midnight person comes in.

One nice thing about today, I got to work with my girl, Sandy.
I swear, if she was Bi, I would nail her ass in a heartbeat.
She is cute as hell, and has a great personality to go with it.

Anywho, I think its bedtime,
I am sitting here nodding off at the comp.
more later.


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Well....how do you know she isn't Bi? Some girls don't know they are Bi until they are propositioned by the right girl....

I know what you mean about that tongue ring - when I got mine pierced, oh 100 years ago, before there were piercing studios, I kept playing and biting it, and it got infected and I had to have it cut out...not fun at ALL!

Well, I am glad to hear that work is going well for you...keep on posting girlfriend!!!!!


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Well, she could be, but right now she has a boyfriend wich means she is off limits.

Maybe if they break up I will very gently hint at wanting to be with her, she is awfully young, and I don't want her thinking I am a freak or something and refusing to work with me.
I certainly wont go up to her and say" oh hey, byt the way, if you ever want to have your first girl on girl experiance i am available.
something tells me she would not respond real well to that approach.

I think I will try for the gentler and more subtle approach, like the "accidental" touches" and playful flirting.

I also plan on using a few of your tips later tonite wink.gif

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