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Follow Up To Our Escapades



My Brother has told me that he would be interested in "going further" with My wife, though I can still sense alot of aprehension on his part. If only he knew how much she has fantasized about him and for how long. I tried to tell him about it but I guess it is hard to fathom.
More on my part.. I really am turned on by the idea of my wife ( of 6 years) being with my younger brother , it holds so many aspects of erotic arousal. First off.. I love her very much and to watch her orgasm or experience any form of focused pleasure drives me crazy. The other hot aspects of this fantasy is the high level of taboo involved in it. I mean, he is my brother, and I guess some could view it as partially incestual, though by blood he and she are not technically related. It is still a turn on though cause ...oh my ..what if the rest of our family found out that she was screwing him, and even worse yet what if they found out that I let it happen. I think it is all very exciting. We do use extreme discretion in making sure not to be too open about it in front of anybody but the thought of us all getting busted in this forbidden relationship is soo hot.
I have layed down a few risky rules that she is required to follow should she ever have full blown sex with him and they are all based in the "very careless" part of MY fantasy. I told her that she can fuck him anytime she wants as much as she wants but they are not allowed to use condoms and she has to let him cum in her (during intercourse) without ever asking him to pull out. I think the turn on in that part of it is that I have not been allowed to cum in her for 4 years (since our child was born), as she has maintained that she is not ready to have another baby yet. I always have to pull out, even though she uses birth control. Well that proves just how far she will go to be with him cause she has agreed to never use rubbers and she even said she will TELL him to cum in her pussy. She said it wouldnt be that big a deal if she got pregnant by him cause we are brothers and look kind of alike so the chances of anyone figuring out the baby is his would be slim.

She is getting anxious though, she tells me that while I work through the day she is masturbating at the thought of being with him.


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