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My Wife And My Brother



My Wife (27 Yrs. old, 5'4" 120lbs brown hair and eyes,slim with great hips and nice tits) and I have talked many times about how she is attracted to my younger brother, we decided to take action upon it and so we told him that she thought he was sexy and that she may be interested in more with him. He was shy about it all for a long time.
One night he was over and we were all drinking and talking and very bluntly, the question was posed if he would like to "be with her" he nervously said yes but little action prevailed. They kissed a bit and he felt her up under her shirt but it was getting late and we all went off to bed.
I invited him to join us in bed (though I new we all were too tired to mess around anymore that night) he accepted. Shortly after getting into bed I quietly got up and went into the living room to sleep.In the Morning I woke up to my wife entering the room, she came over and kissed me and I said good morning. Thats when she told me that she had cum all over her mouth. She commenced to tell me that as the morning broke the 2 of them (my brother and her ) woke to find each other touching and caressing. It gradually progressed. She said that when she woke to find him touching and holding her she began kissing him and removing her clothes. When she discover his raging hard on she reached inside his boxer briefs to feel it, it seemed to her that this prompted him to take them off. She kissed him ...down his neck ..across his chest..down..down , until she finally started kissing his cock, she sucked him until he surprised her with a load of cum on the face.

Thats the story..she hopes to do it again soon and hopes next time to have him fuck her. We are uncertain how my brother has taken the experience he still seems a touch hesitant but he tells us that he would like to do it more.
I love it when she is pleased so I encourage it all the way. I think it is all very hot.

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Wow That was making me hot.
I have had a long standing fantasy (5+ years) of having a BD relationship with a very hot cousin of mine. She is maybe 4 years older than I. I would love to explore a Domme/sub or Master/sub scene(s) with her but have never approached here about this.
I realize your scene with your brother yourself and wife is not the same thing.
Are you and your brother strictly hetero or........

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