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    Passionate love with my wife
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    I guess I want to open up on this forum and share some of our experiences and fantasies
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  1. Well, my Brother layed it out . He feels too guilty about his girl friend to go any further with us. Its understandable, though still disappointing. It seemed to me that he was very reluctant to sign off on it all together, it was almost like he wasnt really sure what he wanted but in an already awkward situation unsurredness sue is a damper, we knew we had to be decisive. The tension in the air on the whole subject was getting to be too much. He assured us that he was extremly tempted to to partake in our offer but that he felt too guilty about his girlfriend. We did not realize that his relationship was really so deep with her. We both agreed that we did not want to hurt his future by taking this chance. It was kind of sad but my wife and I spoke on it and we are happy that things did not progress further before the guilt he felt was shown on the surface.
  2. Ok... we thought we had laid this all to rest. Then my brother recently started coming around allot more. Of course, on the sibling level that is great but the thing is he is visiting most often when I am at work. His work schedule is a big part of it as he works 3p - 11p but I think of it like this. Is there really nothing else for him to do or is he still thinking about it. He knows what all options are open to him with my wife and we are all aware of the underlying tension that is present. He just comes through the day and hangs out for a few hours and talks with her and spends time with her. its all very interesting and I am eager to see where it goes. Im sure he still has some reservation but we havnt pursued this at all since (I thought) we closed the subject months ago. My wife is aware of the possibilities as well and at this point just wants to let him know how much we love him and are here for him in every way. I hope things continue to escalate but it is definitley a wild bloom and needs the time and room to grow. I will keep posting even if nobody reads. If someone does pick up my saga and become interested then by all means comment. Also, sorry if some time lapses between posts but I have allot of things going on, I try to be good about updating.
  3. slipped into the room in the early morning hours. I could see thier shadows close together in the dark and I could hear the sounds of kissing and the blankets rustling. I eased myself into position to lick her pussy. As I licked her I could taste that she had already been penetrated, his musk was strong on her. I licked her as they kiss for a long while and then I moved to kiss her. I could taste his cock in her mouth. After kissing her for a few moments I went back to licking her. She came again and again. After a while I eased out of the room again, leaving them to do as they pleased. The thoughts kept running through my mind. My brother has finally fucked my wife. All I could imagine was him mounting her and them kissing passionatley as he thrust himself into her. My only question now is....where will this go next, the possibilities are mind spinning. More to foolow...
  4. I want to thank you all for the great responses I have recieved from my previous posts. I welcome the insights of anyone who will share. I could not even wait to post this. I know that my story has not been a minute by minute drama posted here and I say, as always, please check out my blogs or past posts if you want to be filled in on the events up to date. They have finally made the leap...My brother and wife spent the night together and had sex for hours. They have been spending more time together and have been becoming closer and closer. Last night he came over and we all hung out together for a while just talking. When it was late we all went back to bed together. after we settle in and all was quite I quitley made my way out of the room and went to sleep on the couch. shortly there after I heard some rustling around and I could only assume of what was going on. I peaked in on them a couple hours later to find them both naked and sweaty and clinging to each other. They were still kissing and smiling so then I let them be. As I typ this message they are still sleeping next to each other naked. I will be ure to follow up with the details when I can.
  5. It has been a while since I posted but I have some exciting update from my last post (as is outlined in my blog). It seems the tables have turned and my brother has begun to pursue my wife. He is not being aggressive with it and I still think he is hesitant. My wife says that they are enjoying allot of fun time together and are enjoying the flirty loving relationship she always dreamt of with him. I am happy that it is all coming together and that they are having such a great time with it all. No pressure though, just let it be what it is. Very cool, I think! What about you? what do you think. Please share
  6. Thank you all so much for your very in depth and diverse replies to my question. To touch lightly on some of the subjects raised.... First and foremost, our child is the most important thing and we would never do anything to put that in jepordy. should any of the actions we take grow in to a larger "long term" type of relationship we would have to find a way to explain it all, it would be very alternative but we are a communicating family. I am the Eldest of 7 boys (2 are my blood and 4 are step) The brother I am referencing is my youngest blood brother. We have always been very close and I guess this could be another way to perpetuate that relationship. On top of that my wife has been attracted to him for many years now and they have a very good relationship (outside of any sexual acts) and it just seems to fit that we all move on to the next step. My wife and I have a very strong relationship and we both make communication and sharing the corner stone. A few years ago when we first really began to share our fantasies it became apparent that she has felt strong desire for other men. Through much inner thought I came to the conclusion that the social bounds of marriage need not apply. That this is something alot of people contend with and it destroys couples when they do not address thier desires outside of the relationship or such desire is seen as "horribly wrong". We discussed it in length for several years. We had even experimented a bit with it. We have had situations with"less than stellar "results and we also had experiences that were extremely gratifying. A couple of years ago the idea came up of my brother, and it was highly enticing. We decided to bring it up and see what happened. Well the rest is history as is marked in my blog .. not dead forever , just for now. The one main thing is that anyone involved be comfortable. Thanks again for your input everyone PS Before my wife and I were married she had never been with a man, to date she has been with ( including me ) 5, 6 if you include the oral sex with my brother. Just so that you know we are not newbies to the whole sharing scene.
  7. I can see that no one has visited my blog on here and if you want an example of what Im talking about you should check it out. Anyway, am I a freak if I get turned on at the thought of my Brother and my wife having sex? I have often Fantasized about other men having her and still do but is it at all incestual to let her be with my brother? I become aroused at the thought of him but really only in context to being with her! I would like to hear some opinions
  8. My Brother has told me that he would be interested in "going further" with My wife, though I can still sense alot of aprehension on his part. If only he knew how much she has fantasized about him and for how long. I tried to tell him about it but I guess it is hard to fathom. More on my part.. I really am turned on by the idea of my wife ( of 6 years) being with my younger brother , it holds so many aspects of erotic arousal. First off.. I love her very much and to watch her orgasm or experience any form of focused pleasure drives me crazy. The other hot aspects of this fantasy is the high level of taboo involved in it. I mean, he is my brother, and I guess some could view it as partially incestual, though by blood he and she are not technically related. It is still a turn on though cause ...oh my ..what if the rest of our family found out that she was screwing him, and even worse yet what if they found out that I let it happen. I think it is all very exciting. We do use extreme discretion in making sure not to be too open about it in front of anybody but the thought of us all getting busted in this forbidden relationship is soo hot. I have layed down a few risky rules that she is required to follow should she ever have full blown sex with him and they are all based in the "very careless" part of MY fantasy. I told her that she can fuck him anytime she wants as much as she wants but they are not allowed to use condoms and she has to let him cum in her (during intercourse) without ever asking him to pull out. I think the turn on in that part of it is that I have not been allowed to cum in her for 4 years (since our child was born), as she has maintained that she is not ready to have another baby yet. I always have to pull out, even though she uses birth control. Well that proves just how far she will go to be with him cause she has agreed to never use rubbers and she even said she will TELL him to cum in her pussy. She said it wouldnt be that big a deal if she got pregnant by him cause we are brothers and look kind of alike so the chances of anyone figuring out the baby is his would be slim. She is getting anxious though, she tells me that while I work through the day she is masturbating at the thought of being with him.
  9. My Wife (27 Yrs. old, 5'4" 120lbs brown hair and eyes,slim with great hips and nice tits) and I have talked many times about how she is attracted to my younger brother, we decided to take action upon it and so we told him that she thought he was sexy and that she may be interested in more with him. He was shy about it all for a long time. One night he was over and we were all drinking and talking and very bluntly, the question was posed if he would like to "be with her" he nervously said yes but little action prevailed. They kissed a bit and he felt her up under her shirt but it was getting late and we all went off to bed. I invited him to join us in bed (though I new we all were too tired to mess around anymore that night) he accepted. Shortly after getting into bed I quietly got up and went into the living room to sleep.In the Morning I woke up to my wife entering the room, she came over and kissed me and I said good morning. Thats when she told me that she had cum all over her mouth. She commenced to tell me that as the morning broke the 2 of them (my brother and her ) woke to find each other touching and caressing. It gradually progressed. She said that when she woke to find him touching and holding her she began kissing him and removing her clothes. When she discover his raging hard on she reached inside his boxer briefs to feel it, it seemed to her that this prompted him to take them off. She kissed him ...down his neck ..across his chest..down..down , until she finally started kissing his cock, she sucked him until he surprised her with a load of cum on the face. Thats the story..she hopes to do it again soon and hopes next time to have him fuck her. We are uncertain how my brother has taken the experience he still seems a touch hesitant but he tells us that he would like to do it more. I love it when she is pleased so I encourage it all the way. I think it is all very hot.
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