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On Hold Or Gone Forever?



Well, my Brother layed it out . He feels too guilty about his girl friend to go any further with us. Its understandable, though still disappointing. It seemed to me that he was very reluctant to sign off on it all together, it was almost like he wasnt really sure what he wanted but in an already awkward situation unsurredness sue is a damper, we knew we had to be decisive. The tension in the air on the whole subject was getting to be too much.
He assured us that he was extremly tempted to to partake in our offer but that he felt too guilty about his girlfriend. We did not realize that his relationship was really so deep with her. We both agreed that we did not want to hurt his future by taking this chance. It was kind of sad but my wife and I spoke on it and we are happy that things did not progress further before the guilt he felt was shown on the surface.


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