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Here We Go Again!



Ok... we thought we had laid this all to rest. Then my brother recently started coming around allot more. Of course, on the sibling level that is great but the thing is he is visiting most often when I am at work. His work schedule is a big part of it as he works 3p - 11p but I think of it like this. Is there really nothing else for him to do or is he still thinking about it. He knows what all options are open to him with my wife and we are all aware of the underlying tension that is present. He just comes through the day and hangs out for a few hours and talks with her and spends time with her. its all very interesting and I am eager to see where it goes. Im sure he still has some reservation but we havnt pursued this at all since (I thought) we closed the subject months ago. My wife is aware of the possibilities as well and at this point just wants to let him know how much we love him and are here for him in every way.
I hope things continue to escalate but it is definitley a wild bloom and needs the time and room to grow.
I will keep posting even if nobody reads. If someone does pick up my saga and become interested then by all means comment. Also, sorry if some time lapses between posts but I have allot of things going on, I try to be good about updating.

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