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  1. Hello! Some new pics for you guys! My dog, Pogi's 3rd bday, hiking in Sabino Canyon and Halloween! 




  2. Not been on in a long time, discovering the new look. You from Cebu huh? My wife from Olongapo. Not sure I spelled that right but it late. 

  3. Reality Check

    I agree with @RC4BLUE...sounds like you both have your own issues you are dealing with that may or may not have been communicated. I don't know the details or your story, but I do genuinely hope this situation works out. Keep us updated. -Angela
  4. Hellooooo! Good Morning!!

  5. Hello! I am going to go a bit off-subject here and start a topic that has nothing to do with sex! Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I will welcome sex-related feedback if you would like, LOL. I just started WW for the first time. Does anyone else here do it? I've heard great things! Let me know on my profile if you would like! -Angela
  6. I've had the flu for A WEEK NOW! This is no joke! It's killing me! <_<

  7. I need to know! I have a girlfriend who was bitching about catching her boyfriend watching porn, and she said they got into a huge fight! She looked at my like I was crazy when I told her I didn't see anything wrong with it - am I a weirdo, lol? YOU CATCH HER/HIM WATCHING PORN. IS THIS CHEATING? Thoughts? -Angela
  8. Eating with my family in Cebu. We are eating "ihaw ihaw" with "hanging rice." It's BBQ chicken with sticky rice. Each order costs 10 pesos...that's about .20 cents in USD!


  9. My dog, Pogi, is just over a year old. I picked him up the other day and saw that he still has a puppy belly when I carry him!! I had to take a pic of it!


  10. First Day As A Dom!

    That's great! I hope you enjoyed! -Angela
  11. Whatcha Reading?

    @Tyger How to Make Love Like a Pornstar was a great read!! @FlyMe I really enjoyed Fifty Shades as well. The second book was my favorite. Currently reading "Bared to you"
  12. Tootimid Toy - Gates Of H.e. Double Hockey Sticks

    I have always been curious about metal rings. Since I'm not a man, what sensations do they give you? Is it pleasurable? Thanks for posting! -Angela
  13. My Girl Went Through My Stuff

    I'm sorry to hear you are going through a tough time. I do not know the details of your relationship, but I can tell you it sounds like it could be a deeper issue. She could be struggling with trust issues in her past and doesn't realize it. Whether it's an ex-boyfriend or someone that left her in her childhood. She may be using the condom thing as an least she did come forward. The only other thing I can think of is if you did something to jeopardize the trust in the relationship and she hasn't moved on or learned to forgive you. If you didn't, I would look deeper beyond this "empty condom" excuse. If she is worth it, I would have a long sit down with her to help you (and herself) understand why she did what she did. If the drama is not worth it and you don't feel she's willing to change, maybe it is time to move on. Just my thoughts! Good luck to you!
  14. I Am Baaaack

    Hi Mikayla! Glad to see you back! So sorry to hear it didn't work out in Canada. It sounds like you are handling the situation as best as you are able to. "Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have - life itself." -Walter Anderson Excited to see you active around here...take care! -Angela
  15. Wands

    @hornywife I know this post was from a while ago, but what toy are you using? Please feel free to e-mail me!