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  1. Well, well. I had a few weeks of listening to lies and other assorted bullshit from Wisconsin guy. It seems he's been keeping an eye on me here. He knew when I last responded to messages etc. Soooo, I figured I'd update. He opened some new accounts on social media, changed his screen name on other sites. Then he decided to feed me his "I truly love you, I'm not on thos at all anymore, try to find me!" Since I had him blocked, it wasn't hard. And yes, very active. He once again stayed completely away from My pictures, as usual. He wouldn't be caught dead giving me a compliment in public. So I closed that account. I'll just post the newest ones here, and let you guys tell my stalker/romance scammer how dumb he is. 😁
  2. Thanks! I guess I should update that to 4 years now... he called n knew I was on here a couple of weeks ago. Swore he loved me. Swore he hadn't been complimenting or seeing any women Anywhere, bc he was so set on getting me back. 2 nights ago, I was on twitter via a notification, and lo and behold, wisconsin as*hole changed his screen name and was busy messaging s*x workers after telling me he was going to sleep. AGAIN. Ugh. I would rather date a serial killer than that man.
  3. Thanks! My ex has been stalking me here, so I stay away a lot.
  4. Sooo true! 🙃😂
  5. I have a friend who is helping me get out of the situation. When WG starts hoovering, or baiting me with accusations, I message her instead of getting back into the trap. I have my own theories about my shelf status. I guess narcissists can have more than one shelf supply. I think the article mentioned 3 different shelf holders. The guy calls me a stalker, but last night, a new member here just happened to give my Narc's standard compliment to someone. I've been called paranoid, but I've had up to 47 blocked calls in one night, and have changed my phone number once. I'm an Empath. A narcissist's favorite supply. A magnet, kinda. I have to be really careful when I meet someone.
  6. I've been in therapy for almost 30 years! Lmao. I had to have a specialized treatment in order to finally start healing. I've moved on many, many times in the past 3 1/2 years. If the Narc would leave me alone, I'd do better.
  7. Unfortunately, there are people who enjoy inflicting emotional and psychological abuse. They are Narcissists. I'm what is known as a Magnet for narcissists. An Intuitive Empath. I was raised to accept abuse, in a Narcissistic family. This guy got to me before I started learning about it. There are 4 stages of Narcissistic abuse. Very subtle, invisible to the outside world. A Covert Narcissist seems like the all around "nice guy", but they aren't. The 4 steps they use are idealization, devaluation, discard, and hoover. At first, the victim (supply) can do no wrong, they're Perfect. Once they get used to being put on a pedestal, the Devaluation starts. Now the supply can't do anything Right. Behind the scenes, the Narc is starting other relationships, gathering supply for when the Discard comes. If you catch them lying and cheating, they blame you, then discard you. As soon as you start moving on, though, the Narc gets bored w the New supply, and while searching for new, starts Hoovering the 1st one again. (Sucking them into abuse like a vacuum) If the Shelf Supply (me, put on the shelf for later) falls for the hoover, the cycle starts back up. Gaslighting, projection, and physical abuse happens regularly for the shelf supply, but the outside world only sees a "crazy" person. Narcissists enjoy seeing their supply hurt and confused. They will use a person until that person is an empty shell, then just move onto the next. Someday, I'll be able to stay no contact. Therapy is helping a lot.
  8. July of 2019. Soooo long ago, it seems like. Everything, and nothing has changed. My life has changed for the better, I've moved forward quite a bit. What hasn't changed is the roller coaster ride from hell, and the man driving it. No matter how many times I move on, and try to forget about him, he will stay in the back of my thoughts. I don't know why. My friends tell me he isn't worth my time. I know I can do much better, like they say. I wish my heart would listen. Narcissistic Abuse Trauma Bond. If the Narc would leave me alone, I could move forward in that area of my life, too. On the dating site I frequent, I get lots of attention, but as soon as they find out I'm not a dating site camgirl advertising "free sex in your town!" they disappear. I don't know how to flirt online the way they want. I can't do phone sex- I can't think of what to say. I do fine in person... but I have yet to meet someone, and be asked out on a date. They tell me Any man would love to have me. Yet here I am, alone.
  9. Every time I read about your adventures I wonder what it would be like to get all the sex I want. Time to get the toys out... I wishIwishIwish 🙃💚
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that. The "man" I was with in april didn't want to take the viagra he brought with him, I think he had a date with someone else after I dropped him off at his son's. Also, he would rather surf dating sites for hookers to have phone sex with, and Twitter for camgirls rather than be with me.
  11. I know Exactly how you feel! I'm coming up on 1 year with no sex. It's horrible.
  12. I don't masturbate as much as I think about doing it. It's frustrating for me, because it doesn't scratch my itch, so to speak, lol
  13. Omg... is what I'd be saying. The cumming would start even before the tongue went inside 😂😂😂😂😂
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