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    I love art of any and all kinds. I draw, paint, write poetry and stories, and I love taking photos. I think the only thing i dont do is play an instrument mostly cause I don't have the patience for them lol
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  1. i have always wanted to give my SO road head, the only problem is that i have a highly sensitive gag relfex, and usually we arent in anything moving when i give him a bj so there is no possibility of the unexpected bouncing adn sudden gagging is there any techniques to be able to i guess flow more with the car if its on the freeway, just in case a bump comes along that he doesnt notice and also to make sure my braces dont accidnelty take a wrong turn, which i have mastered but in non-moving situations i guess u could call it imma try and get over the gag relfex but i have no idea how long itll take lol, ugh but first i have to wait till the canker sore on the indise of my lip is gone, i hate them i hate them i hate them! annoyingly painful
  2. i havent really done much blogging before but i thought i might give it a shot, i'm sure my rambling thoughts become tiresome to my friends but here it doesnt matter, i can write to my hearts content i love this site, the people actually have a passion or interest in what they are talking about, which really should be the backbone of any good forum and such i feel so stressed lately and im not quite sure the cause, yesterday was just....i cant even put my finger on it, everything felt up in the air and undure and that makes me so nervous its frustrating i got a new car recently, stick shift and i have finally gotten to the point where i can drive it to school, still scarey in my opinion but i need to so i can afford to drive (this car gets like 26-30 to the gallon while my other car got 15 to the gallon at best ugh) being unable to find release via orgasm does seem to invade my mind, ive always been the friend in my groups who knows more than anyone else about sex, and im proud of that, becuase then i can teach my friends that sex is beautiful and being sexual is not wrong at all, but healthy i feel i am good in pleasing men, but dont know how to let go so they can please me, im a control freak in some ways, with time especially and my body, i was into meditation for a while and was really interested in learning how to control the body better with the mind, such as diminishing the feeling of pain, im very good at turning off my ticklish spots, which i find funny to watch my SO become frustrated seeing that he is so ticklish himself, he is so sweet and patient but i wonder if in doing that adn keeping my body in such a tight check, that i have made myself to uptight and too controlled to really let go, im afraid of what might happen, what embarrasments could come with it that of course only i would be embarrased about cause he wouldnt even care lol im one in the millions of woman battling depression, this also was my other reason to keep myself in check, if i let my mind go it will want to cause harm to my body, my imagination is quite vivid and can get carried away, i hate depression so much, its frustrating meeting those new poeple when ur in a bout or a rut and they just cant....let it go that ur sad, and cant seem to understand why we just cant help it, we try with every ounce of our beings, but we reach a wall of beautiful sadness that we cant seem to bring ourselves to climb ack anways, i go on tangents ALOT! lol all these things seem to come together to provide this frustration and stress that just settles on my chest, like yesterday, it proves to cause panic attacks and an unclear head, and i try to let everything out in every way i can even mastrubation but even that seems to only hit it half way, if that makes sense idk, it festers my mind, and is especially apparent in my dreams, ugh i hate dreams most times, i have so many at least one or two a night that i can remember vaguely or quite well well i cant seem to think for now,my thoughts are too jumbled and ive written alot already lol toodles for now
  3. lol true, what can i say i came with a purpose, and questions lol, and stayed for the people and really interesting topics, sex is just one of those things in life that u will never learn everything about, there is always more to learn...which is the best part about it nice pun btw
  4. i agree, like most things i think its always the getting there that makes everything worth it too, what happens along the way and such
  5. to Aiden i have tried a toy myself to find the g-spot, it sort of works, idk, maybe i havent figuered it out yet lol, my bf certainly can find it, i cant seem to find it as well he bought a bullet vibe for me, and we are gonna try using that in conjunction with his hands i do agree that its up to me in a sense, of getting there, he can only do so much, the rest is up to me lol i have so many ideas now lol, u guys are so helpful i love this site, and ive been filling him in on tons of new stuff as well as new things that i need to acheive, such as letting go and stuff and what im afraid of like squirting all over him or sometihng lol, idk, but but we are seeing each other tomaroo and were hoping to try some of the new ideas out to thunderchild lol same here, i still HIGHLY enjoy sex with him, the rush, the feeling, the closeness, everything kinda gives u a mind orgasm if that makes sense instead of a body one, it just blows ur mind dam ur lucky with the squeezing the thighs together part, that is awesome, were u able to do that in public, or did u need a serious amount of focus and such? it may sound wierd but my first clitoral orgasm i acheived was via my electric toothbrush lol, if u take off the brush attachment there is a small metal peice that vibrates, REALLY WELL lol i have the same fear still, more of the what will happen when i let go, what if i fart or something (which is quite dum to worry about, but i am the worrying queen lol) or if i squirt and he thinks its pee or something all those worries hinder the process, they are just really hard to get rid of the nice thing is that there is all the time in the world im so glad im not the only one that had or is having these difficulties
  6. that sounds right, i think the relaxing part is way harder for me i shall, i see him tomarro at night, argh its too far away >_< and i have sent him the g-spot article, and other stuff and he is coming up with ideas too to help me relax and such *fingers crossed* i know i will enjoy the night thats for sure, who knows i might just get even closer lol still i always find it worth it, the trials and errors, u learn alot about what u like and dont like as well as what ur partner like or doesnt like and what he is turned on by
  7. true (an eager beaver i tihnk they call it lol, its way loud though >_<) TPBM likes to use ice cubes during sex
  8. lol that is a good article i just read that one last night, it is how i found the site lol wow, u know i have trouble putting my legs up that high mostly because im like 5'1 and he is like 6'5 or sometihng i dont even know, but the hieght does present some problems in some areas such as sex positions maybe if i put lots and lots of pillows lol under my butt who knows dam that sounds amazing though exaclty what im looking for, a powerful earth shattering orgasm that doesnt leave me wishing i had more which happen during masterbation for me :\ funny how random it was though, i tihnk most likelythe letting things go and not focusing on getting there probably helped a whole lot
  9. this site is amazing, i cant tell u how many sites i have tried and how....withdrawled they seemed, if thats a word lol

    it is hard to learn to talk about sex, and important once u learn and get used to it, its so much fun and extremely helpful

  10. i havent had one at all, dam u are lucky lol i can do clitoral, but i have only been able to get it through masterbation instead of my partner helping me out lol
  11. i gotta say, even though it sounds funny to me, u are awesome! lol ur attitude and everything it makes me proud myself to be dirty minded and sexual lol, love the picture too and the writing beneath "im selfish, imaptient..." that one is spot on i tihnk for us girls

  12. lol forgot to go into those, i think my writing was quite vague there yes i can have orgasms myself but only clitoral, i have been having those via myself since i was.....i think 13 lol, i cant remember anyways and no man has been able to get me to orgasm in any of those ways actually, for me it seems hardest for a guy to get me off clitorally, maybe cause im so used to myself doing it yeah i am pretty young, i guess i have just always wanted one, and this unable to release seems to be making me more stressed than i realize, which is highly frustrating now the clitoral just dont seem as strong or fullfilling any more when i masturbate usually i use a toy though, my hand takes longer and doesnt seem to get me off all the way, it feels like half an orgasm if that makes sense lol i did read your g-spot article, which was extremely insightful ill tell yah, so many things i didnt know, and alot of things that eased my doubt i mean i do enjoy sex, i really really do, i just never get there either clitorally or inner wall or g-spot with someone else my bf is using his hand and has found my g-spot and it feels AWESOME, but i never get there still, either i loose my focus and can't keep it anymore lol, or his hand gets tired, or shoudler actually, i like it better when he thrusts than leaves his hand in place and does the come hither, i tihnk just cause it seems too much i guess, a little overpowering idk lol guess we will have to delve in deeper lol, nice pun by the way in ur reply
  13. OMG this is soooo cool seriously i have been on so many other sites with forums and it takes DAYSSSS for any response to something, and her, *BAM* and there are replies everywhere, i love it finally a place that i feel more welcome in this is officially my favorite site ever now if any of u guys have any advice on g-spot orgasm i would be much appreciated, i put a post up in the sexpert section it has a better description there of some of my questions, if u have anything i would be much appreciated sun_flower969 how did u end up getting there? was there a huge difference in activites during that moment and such? im so curious as to all of ur guys's experiences on ur first g-spot orgasm lol
  14. hey im new here, i mostly came to this site cause it had a great article on acheiving a g-spot orgasm anyways i thought that maybe others on here could give me some advice i have had 6 boyfriends in the past number of years since i started dating and with every guy none could get me to orgasm some were too focused on it and i felt bad when they couldnt and they got frustrated and put out (i understand that men want to please thier woman, if they dont some feel they aren't a real man, for lack of a better description) anyways, i am now with an incredible man, a man i intend to marry, i love him so so so so much the only thing is i still have problems in this area, and i still havent reached an orgasm via my partner, he is patient and loving and tries everytihng, its cute, but i feel bad cause i dont get there sometimes sex sessions are very emotional afterwards, i have always been the girl that knows alot about sex, but i cant get an orgasm via g-spot and i dont feel like a....whole woman i guess if anyone has any advice it would really really help my therapist says its my emotional baggage getting in the way, that i cant just let go which could be true and i am getting closer to letting go, but im hoping to accumulate every possibility and every idea that i can try out along with her advice so any tips, ideas, thoeries on why, anything really would be greatly appreciated
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