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Oh man….you just GOT to know that my hubby loved this toy! Why you ask? Well, in case you didn’t know, my hubby is a BIG, BIG fan of any toy that lights up – and this beautiful blue baby definitely supplies a nice little light show! Of course, that is not all it does – not by a long shot. This toy has plenty of perks that I am going to share with you so that you will run out and get your very own JESSICA'S STROBING PENIS – cause every girl has got to have one of these!


Let’s begin with the color – a beautiful pastel, baby blue. Once again, unlike any toy in my ever expanding collection. Second, the texture of this toy is very, very unique. Both sides of the vibe are ribbed – but the underside has larger “ridges” than the top side. I was immediately intrigued as to the different sensations these would provide on my pussy walls. Third, the head of this wonder toy is penis-shaped—however, it is curved up – sort of like a G-Spot vibe would be. This is not marketed as a G-Spot, so I was very anxious to see how it would perform!

Now, for the best characteristics! This vibe is 100% WATERPROOF – and to that I say – WHOO HOO! I love waterproof toys! It is also extremely bendable – which is great – I love toys that are flexible, cause’ face it – women’s insides are flexible too! It is made out of a “crystalessence” material – which is a sort of jelly mixture – basically meaning it is soft and bendy. The best quality of this toy – as if the others weren’t good already – the vibrator portion is located up near the head of the toy! I just knew this baby would provide some fantastic inner sensations!

Since this baby is waterproof, I decided to take FULL advantage. My in-laws have a fantastic, private hot tub – and since they were away for the week on vacation, I was going to make the most of it! After our son was asleep, my hubby and I stripped down and hopped into the hot tub NAKED - and after some very, very DIRTY, NAUGHTY foreplay – I pulled my new toy out from under my towel!

“Surprise honey, a new toy I know you will LOVE,” I say to him as I turn it on showing him the lights. “Oh baby, perch your beautiful, shaved pussy up on the side and spread them legs,” he says to me, obviously not hiding his enthusiasm!

I explain to him that this toy is waterproof, and we can play under or above the water! I hand over the toy and do as I was previously instructed – so at least he can see the lights for a while. I also came prepared with some silicone-based lubricant. SIDEBAR: always use silicone-based lube for water play if you can, unless you are using a SILICONE or CYBERSKIN toy – then use water-based.

OK, back to playtime. This toy inserts like a dream! It is not too large – 1 ½ “ girth and 8” long – just right as far as I am concerned. The head felt great as it entered me, and those ridges – you can definitely feel the top side more – which surprised me – I would have thought the bigger ridges would have provided more sensation. Oh well, either way, it felt GREAT. The vibrations are outstanding up by the head of the toy – and it really made a difference. When my hubby turned up the power, I could totally feel it hitting the upper side of my walls – which I love.

My hubby loves to watch the toy slip in and out of me as I grind my hips and moan in pleasure – AND he gets to see the flashing lights – which kind of “guide” the toy where it needs to go. He teased me terribly with the head of this toy – which was great because the ridges and the vibe in the head made it a great toy for clitoral play too. I was getting close to my orgasm – and we had only been playing a few minutes – I begged my hubby to slow down – he, however, had other plans. He grabbed me and pulled me into the water, pushing the toy further into me – and that was it! The toy hit my G-Spot (I just knew it would) and I exploded in a round of massive orgasms. The combination of the hot water, the swirling jets, the vibe hitting my G – who could as for anything more?

We were both extremely pleased with this toy and decided it will be our “go to” water toy for quite a while! This is a Jessica Drake signature piece – she is a ‘Wicked Girl’ – and all I can say is, I sure felt Wicked using this strobing penis in my in-law’s hot tub! I would recommend this vibe to anyone – beginners and advanced players alike. It is soft, supple, has great textures and vibrations – and I would be interested to see if anyone else has a G-spot orgasm besides me! Plus, don’t we all want to be Wicked girls? I know I was loving it!

You know you want to be wicked....get this toy!

Mikayla :wub:

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I am gonna have to try this one since I am also a big fan of lights. I have the Jessicas Strobing probe g-spot one but when it came the lights didnt work so I am still waiting on a replacement one. :)

Great Review cant wait since I just ordered that one to :P Call me a Jessica addict LOL

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I LOVE my Jessica's strobing G-spot one.

I love Jessica!! And I love these reviews. Helpful, honest, and let's be frank here, very steamy!! :P

Guess here's another one. Y'all are gonna break my wallet!! ;)

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Jessica's Strobing Penis

We pulled this vibe out of the package within minutes of receiving it. The vibe is visually appealing with its light blue color, penis replication and stobing red and green lights. The batteries were easy to install as it just takes 2 AA (not included) that insert right in the base. We did a quick and easy soap and water clean up and then swabbed it down with some toy sanitizer and let the fun begin. Noting that it was a waterproof toy, we jumped straight in the shower with our too timid lube. Starting out with some wicked four play (the hubby has a sensational tongue!) We moved on to our new Strobing Penis. Starting at the lowest speed, we began with a little clit play, the vibrations were fabulous! With all the power centered in the tip of this vibe it didn’t take long for a knee weakening orgasm. Once recovered and beginning to breath normal again, my hubby slowly inserted the tip into my pussy, the ribs are varied sizes and I could feel them all! The diameter of the shaft was just the perfect size for me and could feel the vibrations through every wall. He plunged deeper and BOOM! There it was, the penis shaped head hit my g spot! This toy is not advertised as a g spot vibe but the shaft is slightly curved just before the tip and we were hoping that it would work this way! I ended up on the floor of the shower with my honey between my knees working me to a body numbing orgasm.

My Jessica’s Wicked Strobing Penis is probably one of the best basic vibes I have ever used, it proved to be fully waterproof and even more fun. The strobing lights strengthen their glow with increased vibration from the speed dial, which made it enjoyable for my visually stimulated hubby. This vibe brought me to “Wicked” orgasms and will definitely be a favorite in our collection.

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