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well .. I always thought it would be clear to light white color liquid.

I have had a number of sex partners where I made them "cum" while going down on them.

If my memory serves right, almost all of them were clear liquid. Some with very light off-white lighter liquid.

This girl that I am seeing right now ...

When she's "wet" ... it's just clear odor-less liquid. The way should be.

When she "cum" (when we both finish at the same time ;) ) .. I sometimes find my little guy (was a big guy 2 seconds ago) covered in white cream.

FYI, we use condoms.

When it happened first, we both thought it was my cum that leaked out of the condom.

But it is not.

What is this white cream?

She had her physical check up not too long ago and everything came back clean and good.

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Depending on her time of the month, the consistency of her ejaculate (yes, it is called that for women too) can change. If she is closer to the time she ovulates, it can get thicker.

Also, lubrication (vaginal) is thinner - like what you describe, often cum is thicker, creamier - similiar to what you describe. It can have a little odor - not too much mind you. I would wager that what you are seeing on your condom is just her cum. IF you make her cum with your mouth, it should be the same there too.

Now, if you were to make her have a g-spot orgasm, the consitency of this would be much, much more liquid like. This comes from a whole different gland - the pariurethral gland - and it is often mistaken for pee.

So I would not worry about that. If you ever have doubts about your condom, do the water test - fill the condom with water and see if it leaks - this is the only way to really tell. Also, I would suggest doubling up on BC - condoms are only 98-99% effective when used correctly! PLus, you have to watch out for that pre-cum too!


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