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SE9524142.pngPurple Passion!

I am affectionately renaming this toy "The Purple Passion" because it is a pretty purple color and I have true PASSION for this item! What can I say except another home run item by Sue Johanson! I literally just finished playing with this toy - in fact, my thighs are still sticky - and I had to come and do the review.

Here are the stats: Silicone based TPR (thermo plastic rubber) toy is super soft, pliable and sexy! It is a dual action item (meaning it is insertable AND provides clitoral stim) and it has multiple functions for vibration and rotation. The shaft is about 5 inches of insertable size (7 inches full), the shaft is a unique form with a small 'bulb,' a ridged 'bulb' and a elongated tip. The clitoral stimulator looks like 3 tiny fingers (about an inch long each) outstretched. It takes 3AA batteries, is waterproof for sudsy seductions, easy to clean, easy to handle and operate.

I have been alone the last few days and as such have had some solo play time. I decided to watch a little private porn tonight and then see what this baby could do. Boy oh boy it can do A LOT. I dabbed some water based lube on my new purple pal and began insertion. I pushed the button for rotation first - slow and steady - and inserted slowly. The toy is quiet and insertion was easy. Once all the way in, I started pressing buttons. Soon it was MY buttons being pressed as the gentle rotation of the top combined with an outrageous clitoral stimulation brought me to a surprise orgasm! It was fast and furious - those little fingers really did a number on me. I turned the speed and vibration UP and had a few more Os in no time. I was literally spreading my legs and just holding the toy inside me so that the little probes could hit my clit and I kept orgasming! It was leg shaking FANTASTIC!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this toy! While the rotation did little for me personally, the little fingers worked their magic over and over again. This Purple Pal's Probing Fingers Pulsated my Pussy to Pleasurable release! This toy would be perfect for any woman who LOVES a strong and precise clitoral stimulation with insertion. The vibrations are perfect and the insertable size is just right.

Want to find a new passion - then get the Royal Consort - and pursue your passion in purple!

Oh, and as a side note: you really do have to 'give it a wack' to get it going. I had to hit it 3 times on my palm before it started up. Hmmmm, kinda like clicking your heels 3 times.....

Purple Passion

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Royal Consort Dual Action Vibrator

Time to get the royal treatment! And what better reference (other than from one of our very own TooTimid Reviewers) than to get a toy recommended by Sue Johanson, from the TV show “Talk Sex With Sue Johanson”?

When I saw this toy, I instantly thought it was perfect, since it’s my favorite color (purple). It’s made of soft & pliable silicone, so please remember to use water-based lubricants with it. AND it’s waterproof!!

I love that the clit stimulator looked like 3 fingers sticking out, perfect for stimulating all around the clit & hood. The shaft is slender at the tip, gradually widening, then a small bulbous ribbed part in the middle, another hump before getting to the shaft part where the clit stimulator comes out.

The controller is pretty easy to use. 2 one-touch buttons, one for the clit stimulator, & one for the shaft which rotates & vibrates, both of which have 3 speeds for each. Unscrew the bottom of the contoller, & you’ll see the slide-out compartment for 3 AA batteries. After putting them in, I turn on my Consort, & am impressed with not only the power in all of the settings, but also with how quiet it is as well, making this a great dual action for those that may have roommates, or thin walls.

Grabbing some lube, I dabbed some on, then got to work playing with the settings, & what I like. After a bit of teasing, I inserted the shaft very easily, loving the vibes I could feel very well inside of me. Once all the way in, I turned the clit stimulator on its highest setting, &, OMG!! The placement, vibes of the clit stimulation, plus the rotating shaft caressing my vaginal walls, I was curling my toes in one very long, exquisite orgasm! I most definitely felt like I got Royal Treatment!!!

*Sidenote-I didn't have to whack mine to get it going.


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