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Roll Your Own Toys?

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I think this project started when I found so many things lacking in prostate toys and started asking "what if?". I have to give credit where it's due - it's a fairly new market and has an uphill climb against deep rooted stigmas. Nexus and Aneros make pretty good products very worthy of consideration.

I started with an Aneros Eupho. It hits the right spots but I found it a little small and difficult to keep it where it needed to be. The idea was right though! So I bought an Aneros Helix. The shape is better and it presses harder - I dig the sensation but I'm very impatient. Try after try and I couldn't get over the inevitable plateau. I then decided to go larger - the Progasm. Whoa, it's a biggie. The upside is that it drives up the intensity and feels fantastic. It doesn't use the tabs like the other Aneros models and instead uses a rounded ball for perineum massage. Far less irritation as I never cared for the dime shaped tabs digging into my skin. The downside of its size is that it isn't very maneuverable.

I kept thinking that it would be so much better if there was vibration. Maybe that would tip me over the plateau? I eyed the Nexus Vibro for a long time as it appeared to be the right combination of shape and vibration, even if the price was really steep. After much debate I got one. The vibrating part is top notch but it requires an odd lithium battery that's expensive and difficult to find. The ribs along the shaft of the toy are a *terrible* idea. They begin to chafe in no time even when using copious amounts of lube.

Since nothing on the market seemed to do it for me, I decided to concoct my own based on what I had available. I found I liked the shape of the Aneros toys but they lacked vibration. The Nexus had a shape I didn't care for (ribs!) but the vibration was there if a tad weak. I prefer very strong vibration.

I decided to modify the Eupho since it was the most maneuverable, I hated the P-tabs, and I rarely used it as it was. I know what you must be thinking - chopping up an Aneros? Sacrilege! No matter, it's for science. :lol: Using a large, sharp knife I scored the base of the P-tabs until they snapped off cleanly. The resulting shape at the base was almost like a boat anchor - the perfect shape for the next part. I have an old Wahl 2-speed massager that packs a real wallop. At some point I received a mess of freebie attachments for it which means there was a duplicate "spot applicator". It turns out that this attachment is very similar in diameter to the base of the Eupho. I used the same knife to chop the rounded end off of it so it looks like a tube with a flared part in the middle. I then rocked the boat anchor part of the Eupho into the newly cut end of the spot applicator. It's a very snug fit. To keep them together I poured enough epoxy resin into it to cover what was left of the P-tab. Since there was a bit of a rough edge where I cut the spot applicator, I added a ring of silicon sealant over it to be flush with the base of the Eupho. This is the same sealant used for aquariums which becomes non-toxic once it dries - I've let it cure for several days and washed it to be sure. The spot applicator attachment has a built in flare so it can't get "lost". Good thing too since that was the function the P-tabs used to serve. Don't put anything up your posterior without a flared base.

The end result is an Aneros attachment for the Wahl plug-in massager. Serious business. I would recommend sticking to speed 1 which is reeeeealy intense but in a good way. If you're a bit crazy and like a thorough jackhammering there is speed 2. It's as subtle as a charging rhino. :blink:

I took a picture of the new attachment though I don't see any way to post it here. I guess if anyone is interested I could email it. Has anyone else invented a toy for scratching that itch you just couldn't reach? :D

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VERY interesting!! I would love to see a pic! You could upload it to your personal gallery then attach it ;)

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Aneros Attachment

Am I doing this right?

Totally!! Good for you!! Looks cool!!! :)

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