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Alone In My Room

Sunshine Sam218

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As I'm alone in my room, I can't resist the temptation. Two beautiful woman are kissing passionately on the porno, they're lips are so gentle and it gets me hot when I see their tongue's touch. As I begin to hear the kissing sounds, I can't hold back any longer. So I take my shirt and bra off and begin to massage my breasts. As I begin to flick my fingers over my nipples, I can feel my body begin to get hot. Then I begin to imagine, a woman sucking on my nipples, I grave a woman's gentle touch. My fantasy rolls around in my head, sucking on my nipples, her hand reaching in between my thighs. My finger slowly goes into my pussy and I feel the wetness, my finger tips tease my clit with my right index finger and I enter another finger inside. A moan slowly goes out of me, my mouth is open wide, my legs begin to shake but I don't stop. Next I grab my vibrator and I begin to lick it, slowly my tongue glides up the vibrator and begin to suck it gentle. Make sure it's good and wet, then I place it on the outside of my pussy and turn it on. The hummmm begins and I slowly move it up and down on the outside of my pussy. My pussy begins to crave the feeling, my legs are open wide and I insert it. As I move it in and out, I can feel my pussy begin to com pulse, I can feel the pussy juices dripping down my legs. Next I can feel my pussy ready to cum any minute now, quickly I make the vibrators up a little higher. Slowly I feel my pussy cumming, I moan loudly and grip onto my bedroom sheets. I can feel my cum dripping down my vibrator, I feel satisfied and lovely. Next I lick all my cum off my vibrator and making sure I get it all in my mouth, I love the juices of how I taste, it feels warm and taste good. Right now it may be a fantasy, but one day it might come true. ;)

This is my first story, but I'm trying to be as detailed as possible, hope you all enjoyed it!!

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Thanks for sharing!

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