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A Little Advice, Please!


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I just had a baby about a month ago, and the doctor has not okayed me to have sex.In fact it'll be at least 2 more weeks before I can.However, my husband and I have our needs.What can we do to satisfy them without actually having vaginal sex?Please, anyone?

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Oral pleasuring for him, hand jobs, are a good idea to try for him. If your breasts are sore (if you're breastfeeding or not), you can always have him "tittie-fuck" you too. That's rather fun, especially if you like your breasts stimulated.

However, having a baby myself, I can honestly say that you should WAIT to have any sexual activity, down there. When they say no sexual activitiy for at least 6 weeks, they mean it. If you just had a baby, then you need to allow your body to heal itself, so you don't cause any damage, which could lead to a longer healing (and no sex) time. Especially if you had an apesiotomy (when they have to cut your vaginal opening near your anus to make room for the baby)-I probably spelled that procedure waaaaaaaaaaaaay wrong!! LOL

It's a small sacrifice to do for having such a wonderful bundle of joy! Congrats!!!

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I'm with Tyger here. It is VERY important that you wait. Even if you had a vaginal delivery without an episiotomy, there can be scratches and scrapes along your vaginal walls. They need time to heal. If you had a c-section, all of those layers inside need to heal. You can give him blowjobs,handjobs, whatever---but as far as your own "needs", they will have a chance to be satisfied...

Congrats on the new baby!!!

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