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Need Some Help With Ejaculation?


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Three years ago i wouldve never thought i would be asking this, because i was always getting off too early but now i just cant get off. I know it isnt a physical condition because during masturbation I can get off (though sometimes with a bit of difficulty) but for the past two or three weeks it takes me a really long time to get off. Not the normal kind of taking time either, it just doesn't feel like it should. Normally I can hold back and have her play while i cool off then keep going, but instead im not building up whatsoever unless I really work at it and run through different fantasies and sometimes even have to have her talk dirty about anal.

Less than a week ago we finally did do anal for the first time in a month and usually its around a 30 second thing where I cant last much longer but i ended up going much faster and harder and lasting three or four minutes.

I think part of it is stress, I worry that i cant please her properly which results in anxiousness and I lose feeling and that turns into a vicious cycle of worrying about the erection then losing the erection so on so forth until she thinks I am not turned on by her and it just crashes and burns. Could that be it the only thing though? I know I am turned on by her, so as far as i have read stress could be really the only answer.

Anyone have any ideas or advice how to turn this around? I fear if it continues any longer our sex life is just going to fizzle out, shes already losing interest and making excuses for why she doesn't want to have sex and i dont want to lose that part of our relationship.\

Anything helps, thank you.

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