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From what I have read and heard the only real method of penile enlargement involves surgery. Keep in mind this comes from an episode of Manswers. It really comes down to what youre doing and how you are doing it. From the best of my knowledge the first thing to do is simple, do plenty of laborious research. I suggest avoiding Yahoo answers unless you are looking for leads. If you have something that seems to be a well written article convincing you to buy its product, close it and move on. Finally when all your research is done, maybe consider talking to your doctor.

I remember reading once that there was a method of enlargement that involved getting partially erect, pushing the blood towards the head, essentially stretching it and repeating this over a period of time. I even for a short while tried doing it. I caused no injury, realized there was nothing wrong with me anyways, and stopped. In retrospect it sounds quite dangerous, something as simple as bursting a vessel or vein can lead to permanent injury.

Heres an article on the topic that may help: http://men.webmd.com/guide/penis-enlargement-does-it-work

Branching a bit off of the article and where it notes looking bigger. Another tip I found is shaving the area down there not only makes it look and feel larger even if it isnt, but its a nice thing to do for her if she likes it.

Now to address the issue at hand. Keep in mind I am a lot younger, have only had one partner, etc etc. Stuff i like to make clear so people know I know where I am coming from. I am nowhere near a professional. However what I do know is generally us men tend to let something get us down in the bedroom and assume it is us. I dont know you or what your actual size is, but what I do know is that very little of the actual pleasure she will feel is going to come from length and width (ladies correct me if I am wrong) and that it mostly comes from clitoral stimulation. Its as simple as trying new positions to see what works best.

One of my favorites that I cant use cause I am one of the ones considered "lucky" at a little over 7 inches is putting her legs up. It puts you much deeper, is a great position, and if she is looking for it to go deeper almost any size will do in that position. In my case it hurts her cause it's too deep.

I am assuming you have a partner so if you do, talk to her and see if she feels the same way. If girth or width is an option TT has some great options available, especially cock rings. The We Vibe is a more expensive purchase but it adds a whole new dimension to great sex.

If you dont have a partner then maybe change your routine. If you dont generally work out, go to the gym. This decreases body fat, makes you healthier and more sexually capable as well as increasing testosterone levels which help produce pheromones making you subliminally attractive to the opposite sex. Eating foods with zinc also helps testosterone flow. Avoiding fatty foods increases blood flow resulting in a harder erection.

Finally foreplay. I know that one sounds simple but so many times I have suffered through thirty minutes of working for nothing, both of us worn out and depressed because we forgot that we still need that time beforehand. The cuddling and the kissing makes a huge difference and while a couple years ago I wanted to last to thirty, now doing it in three always feels like an accomplishment for the both of us.

Hope this helps in some way and that I didnt go too far off of the original question =).

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You can talk to your Urologist about this, most are very knowledgable about the surgery. While taking multiple high blood pressure medications I was have problems with erections and while discussing how to over come the issue we somehow started talking about penis enlargement. Unless you are pretty darn small I don't believe it is worth it, you really can't gain a tremendous amount of size, some girth and length, but more than likely you will not be hung.

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Studies and articles indicate that it is not possible to enlarge your penis without surgery. Surgery is a pretty radicle step, so make sure you consult at least two urologist before going under the knife.

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