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Your Best & Worst Break Ups


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If you feel up to it, please tell us about your best break up, worst break up or both. How'd it happen, how'd you handle it, how long did you take to get over it, what did you learn from it?

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Hmmm, is there such a thing as a "best breakup"...lol, I'm not so sure...

I don't believe I've ever had a good break up, isn't someone always hurt...

However, my worst was probably my divorce, whereas I was married for 20+ years...During those 20 years we separated 4 times, so I guess we both knew divorce was only a matter of time....but the divorce itself was messy, divorce attorneys, grrrr, not my favorite people....

My divorce wasn't due to cheating spouses, more as we lost communication between one another...Our children were grown, and we no longer had any common ground... I immersed myself in my work, which I still do...

As for a best break up... I dont know, maybe high school, the only girl to ever break up with me, which actually made me happy cause I didnt know how to break with her...lol....

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Never had a "best."

The worst was my first wife. She was always spending money, and when the marriage started going south the decided to take the money and run. In 6 months she had new tits, teeth implants, facelift, a new Lexus, thousands of dollars with some hypnotherapist, a trip to Switzerland to some stop smoking guru, and enough clothes to clothe a third world country. He plan was to make me as broke as possible and then split what was left.

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Not quite sure if it counts seeing as it was a high school breakup but when I was a junior I was dating this girl under the initial conditions that we wanted to be together so we wouldnt be alone. Looking back it was a pretty lame reason to be "dating". Anyways about a month in she broke up with me when a guy who I barely know called me a womanizer (me being the most innocent guy in the high school). That night I overdosed on cough medicine in a hormone fueled fit of depression. While I thought it would kill me it had a...happy effect. She asked me back out and this led to a string of four (I think) get together and break-ups, each nastier than the last. Finally in the last one we just called it quits, but since that time she has been some kind of nasty, and I am ashamed to say I have returned the behavior in kind.

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