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Greetings to all. I found this site as an alternative to the "grungy" porn stores that give me the creeps. It was also nice to see a pleasant community to pose questions to and get respectable feedback!

I'm one of those non-stereotypical guys who worships sports and into enhancing my macho persona. I'm a scientist and love to explore the body. I recently made a purchase from TT and hope to revitalize my wife's desire for some passionate love-making. One item is a strap-on. Totally not for her. She expressed interest in this once a long while ago but my suggestions to explore me with a toy seems to be a reluctant one. Am I reading her wrong? I was amazed at the power of an orgasm when I used a toy on myself while she was out one evening. The thought of her one the giving end makes me bulge every time.

She is the microwave and I am the crock pot so it's hard to get her to slow down. Well, I love to give oral so it may be my fault that I turn her on too quickly. I'm like jack Daniels.. A hard licker!! Any tips would be great from the friendly folks here.

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Welcum  back Joshua.☀️

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