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Wants Vs Needs

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This is one I struggle with from time to time.... not wanting to demand unrealistic things from my

partner but needing to feel a certain way with him and our relationship that only he can provide.

The Love Languages is a good starting place I think and can be an eye opener as to why someone might

not be responding to your way of loving/caring.

A couple of mine off the top of my head.... I want to have sex 3 times a week, I need to have physical affection and attentiveness more.

I want him to be creative with me, especially in the bedroom, but I need a playful partner in general, life would be

unbearable to me if we didn't laugh all the time with each other or I couldn't be a silly dork when I wanted to be.

I'm sure I have more.... I'll add them as they come up.

What are some of your wants vs needs in this fast food, instant gratification society are we being realistic?

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What I need is passionate living. I wake each day with a decision to pursue passion, happiness and knowledge. I need a playful partner who is strong, intelligent, and willing to explore. I need laughter, interest, and affection.

I would like sex 3 to 4 times a week. I would like someone in my life that enjoys travel, outdoor activity, a love of mountains and ocean waters, and music. I want to have an equal partnership with my lover.

Mostly I need someone who is willing to take their time and continue to discover with me.

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