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Pocket Rock-It Mini-Vibe


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Not sure what the Buzz is all about.

I had high hopes when I received this adorable multi-function vibe.

It comes with extra tips to switch out depending on what you like, so cool. The one I got was a pretty pale pink color, and I was excited to try things out.

These little guys have amazingly strong vibrations. No disappointment there at all. I used mine for clitoral stimulation, a little anal stimulation, and even for some nipple play. It's pretty strong, so a little bump and nudge here and there goes a long way. It's also got a sweet little light built right in for playing in the dark, so bonus points there! It's also very small and perfect for popping into an overnight bag, a purse, or a cargo pocket. This little vibe also pulls no punches with texture, sticking to a hard plastic texture and avoiding cleaning issues in the process. It's also waterproof which means it's perfect for teasing in the shower!

Now for the less than ideal parts. The on/off mechanism is a simple turn, which is very easy to overturn. This little guy also only has one set level of vibration. The awesome little interchangeable heads? I found immediately that they are just a little too snug - do NOT force them to fit flush or you will likely break this toy trying to remove the cap. Since this toy isn't really made for insertion, it's not really a deal breaker for me, but it did leave me feeling a little underwhelmed.

I quite honestly wouldn't recommend this toy for beginners with the ill-fitting caps, although people playing with a dominant/submissive vibe might like making the other person squirm while the caps are gently fitted onto the vibe.

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Thanks for the review. Sorry it didn't work out so well, never like being underwhelmed.

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I received the Pocket Rock-it and was curious to try it. The different attachments had me intrigued. So I took it out of the packaging and noticed that it will need one AA battery. Take your time putting in this battery. You will see on the side of the toy where you line it up to open it. Turn the toy to that line and then slowly pull the two pieces apart to input the battery. Then slowly put the two pieces back together again paying attention to putting the arrow and open lined up again.

Once I put them together I washed up the toy and the caps in warm water and antibacterial soap. The nice feature of this toy is that it is waterproof but only if you make sure the toy is closed up properly. Causing yourself a dead toy due to water getting inside would not be good for you or the toy.

So I now have my curiosity going about the toy and attachments. I put each attachment on and put it against my hand to see how it felt. There are four attachments which are smooth, smooth bumps, ore pronounced bumps and then another that has a bunch of little spikes. In trying it on my had each attachment felt about the same. I also feel a downfall is not having varying strengths to the vibe. Not everyone likes the same strength. I would say this is at most medium.

Well time for the true test. I thought I would test it out on my clit. I have a very sensitive clit that loves attention. I went through the different attachments. The one I liked the most is the one with a bunch of little spikes. It wasn't anything to write home about but felt nice. The other attachments did absolutely nothing for me. This toy in my opinion would be good for those that do not like a strong vibe as well as a small toy that is quiet. If you are someone with a roommate or a child in close proximity this would be good so that they won't hear the toy. They might hear you but not the toy...lol.

I decided to try this toy somewhere else. I am someone that has very sensitive nipples. The attachments felt nice to tease my nipples. I enjoyed them all in their own ways. My nipples were hard and happy in not much time. Just remember toys can have a lot of different uses then originally planned on. A downfall I feel is there is nothing to store the attachments in except for the original packing. I normally don't keep the packaging. I would recommend this toy for beginners and advanced. It isn't my go to toy but it is one I will use from time to time for something different.


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  • Review Team

I could hardly wait to receive this vibrator!

I figured:

A toy designed for clit play with only one setting MUST have strong vibrations, right?

Not this one.

Personally, the vibrations don't do much for mine and I feel that it is far too loud for such little power.

It feels great when held to my anus or nipples during foreplay but isn't much more than just a tease.

As it turns out, however, it does a spectacular job bringing my male partner to orgasm.

He now keeps it in his night table and reaches for it on the mornings/nights when I am too tired to have sex and would rather use my hands or mouth. Pretty sure I even saw him take it into the shower one morning.

We both love it when I slowly and very gently run it up and down the underside of his shaft and over his balls while he plays with the head and top side, or vice-versa. It also really turns me on to put my mouth around the head and lick while he controls the Pocket Rock-It, taking turns between running it up and down his shaft, to teasing my clit and ass for a few moments, then back to his shaft.

Back and forth, till he finishes.

So hot!

As for the interchangeable heads, two of them are painful so we pretty much just keep the one with the rounded tip on it permanently rather than mess with them. Even if the attachments did feel good, you kind of have to break the thing just trying to get one off.

Some other pluses are the tiny size, semi-innocent appearance, and it's minimal battery requirement of one AA.

Plus, the fact that it is plastic AND waterproof makes it super easy to clean his goo off after he finishes.

In a selfish way I was totally unsatisfied with this device at first, BUT considering how little it costs and how much pleasure it gives my man, I very well may purchase this again.



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It is nice to know that your man has found a new pleasure. I talked to,so many men who are afraid to use a vibe for themselves. They are OK with using one on their partner,but are missing out on the pleasure for themselves. So good for both of you.

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