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Finding The Right Wireless Toy

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So I have always loved taking sex out of the bedroom, my girlfriend isn't the biggest fan but often is willing to give it a shot. We have tried many different wireless vibes, all designed as panty vibes, and not one of them has been rewarding. The initial one was cheap and housed a bullet in the panties, it did nothing for her and was uncomfortable. Then the mistake of getting ones that turned out to not have a remote. Finally the most recent one was an egg, and again no reward from having a vibrating egg inside of her.

Have any of you come across a vibe that is able to stimulate the clit, is not uncomfortable or noticeable, is quiet enough that we wouldn't draw attention, and that does have a usable remote? I know it is a lot of criteria, but I am not willing to drop another 60 or 70 dollars on a toy I won't use.

I came across the Ohmibod Blub Vibe 2.Oh which looks nice, but people say it is pretty loud. The lelo lyla 2 also looks nice.

I am willing to consider an expensive toy if it has a proven ability to work well.

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I have talked with many of my friends and no one that I have talked to has found the panty vibes stimulating or very good. I know Lelo has some good vibes. They tend to be fairly quiet. If you do give it a try let us know how it works out.

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