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Not the REAL Deal But Close!

Oh the bad memories of the first oral-sex-replicating toys that I have tried and hated. It seems like the sex toy industry has consistently failed to find a toy that can do what a real tongue can do! So, the question on your minds has to be, "Mikayla, does THIS toy do what a real tongue can do?" The answer is, "of course not, but it is damn close!"

So, this little gem is soft and supple and the "tongue" looks realistic in size and form. It is attached to a handle (in which you insert 3AA batteries) and then the little tongue will spring to life with just a flick of the button on the handle. There are 2 speeds to choose from to control the "flutter speed" of the tongue. Since this toy is made of elastomer (a type of soft plastic) you can use whatever type of lube you prefer and it is waterproof in case you want to bring this into the shower or bath. My suggestion: lube up yourself a bit with some nice lube and stay out of the shower or water. I don't think it would get the same "flutter."

I was not optimistic about this item, as I have mentioned, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! I lubed myself up with some silky lube and turned my tongue on - and then it turned ME on! The flutter of the tongue is really, really nice. It feels much like oral sex. Of course, because of how you need to hold the toy, you don't get as much "straight on" sensation, but, you can definitely get it thumping on your clit easily! It did not take long for me to orgasm with this toy. While it won't suck in your clit (as I like when I have oral) it definitely will slip and slide around your clit and make it feel like someone is teasing you with their tongue! Definitely a nice option for those ladies who want to fantasize about oral sex!


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It's so great to read that a "tongue" toy was a winner!! I too am skeptical with tongue toys.

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Yeah, me too..but this one doesn't really try to BE a tongue, just have a sort of nice, fluttering action :)

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