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This appears to be a petite sized toy with regards to the length. I am hoping that looks can be deceiving as to how it feels. Looking at this toy it looks perfect for a beginner. I unscrewed the battery cap and inserted the 1 AA battery needed for life. I love the color of it as it is very unique. I can say with all of the toys I own this is the first one in this color. It is covered in nubs. The toy had a slight new toy smell at first but after a good washing with some antibacterial soap and warm water the smell has left.

I thought is was time to take it for a test drive. I turned it on and started rubbing it along my clit which felt very nice. I ran the side of the shaft along my clit as well. The nubs were great for teasing myself. I figure I have teased long enough and it was time to go for the gusto. I put some water based lube on the toy and slowly slipped him inside. It felt nice due to the nubs but the length wasn't enough for me to get the proper workup. I feel that due to this it would be great for a beginner or someone that doesn't like too long of a shaft.

This toy is whisper quiet and perfect for a beginner. Added bonus is it being waterproof.

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The Wicked Pickle!

Ok, I know this is supposed to be called the Margarita Bubbly - which is a great name, but as soon as I saw this little gem online I immediately thought it looked a bit like a pickle! The lime green vibe is ultra adorable, so I just couldn't resist the temptation and ordered one for myself!

As always, Climax Gems has awesome packaging, in my opinion. No naked women in suggestive poses, just sleek, informative inserts that you won't have to worry people might see (and question)! After giving my new toy a quick wash to remove any factory funk, I untwisted the bottom and inserted the single AA battery. I love waterproof toys - it's so much fun to play in the tub or shower, so I made sure it was closed properly, and twisted it on.

At the lowest setting the vibe is super soft and delicate - a delicious way to start foreplay off. At the highest setting, it's got a moderate strength vibration, which isn't quite enough to send me over the edge, but worked wonders on my sensitive girlfriend. The lovely little 'bubbles' all over the shaft add bonus points. Used vaginally, they massage in a great way. Used anally, they give you a little something extra to grip. It's also ultra-quiet so you can play virtually anywhere!

After play cleanup is a breeze, too. Since it's waterproof, this can get a nice soapy bath, and the soft jelly material is easy to clean - even with all the love-bumps!


Waterproof for fun in any moist conditions!

Super quiet!

Easy to clean!


None, really!

This little vibe is a great jumping off point for anyone new to vibes, and makes an awesome go-to toy for people who prefer a gentler vibration!


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Wicked Pickle :) I like it

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I was excited to receive this one because I couldn't help but draw a ton of parallels to another Climax Gems brand vibe that is one of my new absolute favorite toys for using with my partner, the Beaded Lavender Vibe.

I figured the Margarita Bubbly would be the same thing, but smaller, as it does not have the same realistic head as its Lavender counterpart, which turned out to be a pretty accurate assumption.

I was excited about this because it places the bullet at the very tip of the Margarita bubbly rather than below the head, making it easier to concentrate the moderately powerful vibrations to the clit during solo masturbation.

One feature I got excited about as I was removing it from the package was the unique texture of the nubs.

They are half smooth, half ribbed.

You can't really see this detail in the picture online, so it was a very nice surprise that I couldn't wait to try out.

The vibrations range from a slight buzz to semi-moderate vibrations, and with a turn dial control separate of the actual battery cover its super easy to really fine tune the intensity.

This is important for my partner as I got this with the intention of him being the one who uses it on me, and he is very into anything at all that gives him any kind of control while we play.

While the plastic jelly material is very soft and flexible, it does not stay bent and makes me afraid of clipping the thin wire that is visibly running down the shaft. This plastic also has a slight chemical odor to it even after washing, but my partner says he couldn't taste it on me, so... thats good.

Another huge plus is how quiet it is, a light purr that cannot even be heard over the buzz of an air conditioner.

Again, like the Lavender Beaded Gem, I would have to say this vibrator is best suited to beginners, as a teaser for couples, or for someone looking for an interesting and super cute anal vibe.

Even better - because it is small, waterproof, and very quiet - it would be perfect for travel.

I can't say i would re-buy this, but I can totally see it making an appearance again next time I have a lady friend over, and maybe I'll take it with me the next time I go away.

Oh!, and remember to purchase some lube with this too!

Dry, the nubs make it slightly painful, but lube them up (silicone based lube works best, I think, especially in the shower) and they feel amazing and glide right in!

Rating: 3



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I love that everything I order arrives fast and in a discreet package. No worries about people seeing my goodies as I carry them through a busy apartment complex. The easy open plastic package the toy comes in makes satisfaction that much faster. No struggle to get to my new toy. It takes a single AA battery, not included. unscrewing the base is easy, there is plastic sleeve inside where the battery goes that has to be removed before you can put a battery in. Took a bit to pull the sleeve out that was stuck inside.

And wow what a toy. I love this green gem. Its soft and flexible with the nubs that add a great texture. It being waterproof is an added bonus. I must say the name grabbed my attention first, I was looking for something fun to use and the Margarita Bubbly just called to me. Its got a great speed control. And the vibration is strong from the base all the way up to the head giving a more complete pleasure experience. I started it on low and went crazy when cranked on high. Its very flexible and is great for use in a warm bubbly tub. Super quiet as well. Ive never had a water proof toy before, its a whole new world for me now. Its a good beginner toy easy to use.

The clean up is a breeze, with it being waterproof a little toy cleaner or for my first use a little bubble bath and a clean rinse and its done. The texture and material allow it pick up lint, and debri really easy, needs to be kept in a toy bag to prevent having to clean before use.

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The plastic was hard to remove because it was meant to be left in :)

there is plastic sleeve inside where the battery goes that has to be removed before you can put a battery in. Took a bit to pull the sleeve out that was stuck inside.

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My new constant companion

My first impression of the Margarita Bubbly when I pulled it out of the shipping package was “wow, that's as nubby as it looks in the picture on the website”. My second that was “oh my heavens yes!” :) A quick shout of glee to Climax Gens for such an easy opening packaging, which is always a plus!

Since I'm uber-frugal, the one AA battery requirement was a turn on even before I turned up the vibration. I slid the Bubbly right in, hoping to feel each and every nub along the way. I was not disappointed. It's certainly a different feeling than a penis, even with a ultra ribbed condom on, and full insertion may not be every woman's cup of tea. You really do feel each of those nubs and even the ensuing lubrication from your excitement does little to tamp the sensation (which is a huge yay! in my book).

I quickly moved to sliding the length of the Bubbly along my clit, and here is where this vibrator earns every square inch of my five star rating. I had never really played with a lot of different textures during sex before this and 5 seconds of sliding this vibe along my clit made me an instant devotee. The rougher feeling of those nubs against my clit and my lips immensely intensified the sensation of having a vibe there in the first place. The vibration, turned up about halfway to start, was pretty powerful considering the single battery and radiated down the shaft of the vibrator quite well. The combination of the vibration and the nubby texture sent me off into a very satisfying orgasm.

This vibrator is pretty compact, both length and girth-wise, which makes discreet use easy. I also wondered if it would make for a good anal experience. The answer is a screaming orgasm worth of YES!! I would caution that a novice to the joys of anal sex may not want to use this one right away. The sensations from those nubs are intense and might be uncomfortable for a newbie. Also? Use plenty of lube. Silicone-based works the best, after a lot of experimentation :)


Nubby awesomeness

One battery

Fun-sized for front and back door play




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