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Flexi Risque Vibrating Anal Plug


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Fantastic Flexi Fun

I am an anal plug fan, but I have not played with one like this! The shape itself is unique - it has a bulbous head attached to a rather thin stem and a wide, easy grip base. The smooth and silky material makes insertion easy and pleasurable. The stem is flexible, making it easy to maneuver any way you find enjoyable. Waterproof design makes clean up easy and play in or out of water a plus! 10 functions of vibration / pulsation create an amazing sensation when inserted.

I used this little plug in conjunction with other play. I used my favorite water-based lube, smeared it liberally all over the plug and began insertion. The tapered tip and the smooth material made it easy to slide right up inside me. Once pushed in, my anal canal accepted the plug and held on perfectly. Not too large, the stretch was completely pleasant.

The hidden button that controls the vibrations is located on the base, making it convenient and easy to activate. The flexible nature of the toy means it moves WITH you, and it made playtime comfortable. The vibrations are strong and amazing and I was most happy with the mid-range vibrations. I added in some clitoral stimulation (and later a small vibrator) and had myself a series of amazing orgasms! When I was done playing, I took out the plug easily.

If you are an anal player this would be a fantastic addition to your anal arsenal. Highly recommend for even a newbie. The smallish size, smooth material and flexible base make it a unique plug that is fun to play with!


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This sound like it is a fun toy. One that I may have to add to the toy box.

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