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Carnival Ride Orgasm


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This youtube video purports to show a woman on a carnival ride called the Slingshot having an orgasm as a result of the ride:


Have any of you ever had an orgasm from a ride or from any other thrilling experience?

(you can also go to youtube and search for "slingshot orgasm". there are some similar vids, but this is the only one I found where the girl actually states she's having an orgasm)

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I'd be riding on the strips all day for you. It sounds like fun.

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Put my wife Di on a super high, fast roller coaster and she'll come back with wet panties every time. I've actually rode some of these rides with her and watched her get off. She doesn't have screams of fear but of pure pleasure as her pussy contracts and she explodes in total orgasm. Gets me all turned on just seeing her cum like that. I have to say that the best ride we ever did was the log ride at Six Flags. The first time we rode it we got in the last log all the way in the back and for some reason as soon as we went into the first cave, I was sitting behind Di, I couldn't resist kissing the back of her neck, then her ear and when she started to moan my hands found her ample tits and hard nipples. It stayed dark with flashing lights so my fingers wandered down to Di's shorts and slipped into the leg and under her soaking wet panties and into here wet cunt. Her moans told me it was okay so I went to work on her swollen clit grinding my now big, hard cock against her. Luckily it was a long ride with a splash ending because just before we exited the cave Di exploded all over my hand and herself in a hot squirting orgasm. Needles to say we rode that log ride a few more times and got pretty good at counting the people in line so we ended up in the last log. The very last time we rode there was an attractive blonde lady sitting in front of Di as we played and I noticed she was turning slightly when ever Di moaned in pleasure and as my fingers worked Di's clit I swear I could see that lady playing with herself. Di had her eyes closed enjoying and didn't see the blonde glancing at us but she winked at me and blew me a small kiss so I pulled Dis shorts and panties a side giving her a view of Di pretty pussy and just then Di got off and squirted all over the blondes back and ass. As we exited the ride the blonde turned and told Di thank you. With a confused look on her face Di asked what for? The blonde pointed to Di's cum dripping thighs and then to her own with cum flowing down them and just smiled. We left the park then and as soon as we got back to the car Di tore my jeans off and fucked my hard cock like never before. So see it doesn't have to be a fast, high, scary ride to get her off. JJ

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