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This Ain't No Bunny Foo Foo

Gotta love a rabbit vibe, right? The term 'rabbit' is often used to describe a dual action vibrator with amazing clitoral stimulation provided by "bunny ears" that vibrate rapidly. Since the original rabbit vibes there have been tons and tons of variations on the theme. Personally, I think that the patented "rabbit ears" are the best clitoral stimulators as opposed to others like butterfly wings - but I digress. This Orgasmic Jumping Rabbit has some special bells and whistles that sets it apart from other dual actions. Here's what you get with this toy:

1) A Powerful, multi-function dual action that provides internal and external stimulation

2) A single strip of rotating pleasure beads at the head

3) A flexible, yet still firm, shaft with a realistic head

4) Amazingly flirtateous and powerful bunny ear clitoral stimulator

5) 6 speeds AND 7 different functions and combos

6) Waterproof design for bath and bed fun both

7) A THRUSTING head so that you need not move the toy in and out yourself

What more do you need? Nothing I tell you. This toy does it all! The soft jelly material makes it comfortable to insert and use and clean. The easy to use controls make playtime a cinch. The powerful vibrations and spinning pleasure beads really do tempt and tease all your parts. The thrusting action is powerful and quite nice - BUT - I found it stuck a bit after my first orgasm (but that is likely me and not the toy - I have a tight box!)

If you are looking for a nicely sized, affordable, dual action vibrator with the added benefits of waterproof design and a thrusting head then this is definitely your choice of toy! I found it extremely pleasing to play with and enjoyed many orgasms immediately with the strong clitoral stimulation and the nice sized shaft. Definitely a high quality bunny vibe!

Go hopping through the forest and pick one up right now: http://www.tootimid.com/orgasmic-jumping-rabbit-thrusting-vibrator-pink-5796.html

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looks like another toy for wens toy box , I think she would enjoy it as I would enjoy using it with her for some play time :D :D :D :D :D

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