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Time to put the hammer down....way down......down there!!!!

I saw this toy and just HAD to have it!!! When it arrived, I was so excited, I pried open the box as soon as I got it home!

First, a heads up: Tom of Finland is a foundation that was founded for the protection, preservation, and promotion of mostly homoerotic art. So, the box is printed with a variety hyper masculine men, all engaging in a variety of manner of sex acts. Although, the very front of the box is almost innocent enough, with 2 buff officers gracing it. The box is decorated in black and silver, so it's very flashy. Once you turn it over and then open it, that's when the full variety of all men graces it's surfaces. It even comes with a small collectible print of an officer getting a bj from an upside down head. I say this not because I was grossed out, but because some people may be offended or shocked by the prints all over the box. So, if you don't like gay art or the homosexual lifestyles at all, the toy's packaging may be a negative for you. I wasn't bothered, so this wasn't an issue for me at all. So, hammer-heads up, because here comes the GREAT parts of this item!!!

Taking the toy out of the package, I just loved the satiny smooth feel of the whole tool. The large handle is a hard satiny-feeling plastic, with 2 buttons on it. One controls the power, and the other one adjusts the settings. Over the buttons, there are 12 lights that show what level the vibes are set at. It has 2 attachments: one is the very realistic hammer top, which is 5.5" in width. It makes the whole toy 11.75" long. The other is one has ridges on it, and that makes it look like a cop's night stick, which is 6" insertable length, and is almost 2" in width. It makes the complete length of the toy at a little over 15" long! Both heads are silicone, so be careful about the lubes you choose to play with with this toy. I'd also recommend that you store it in the original plastic packaging, to protect both the heads and the stick/handle.

Though geared more towards men, even being female, I just loved the whole idea of this toy. It's whimsical novelty, I loved how realistic this toy looks, whether it's the hammer or the nightstick, and is a realistic size for either one, and could even leave it out in your bedroom, and, unless someone either had one already, or took a good look at it, they'd think it was either the tool or the weapon!

To get the heads on, you should have dry hands, and twisting them off the silicone part of the attachment head and on is the easiest way to do so. At first, I was worried, because the hammer was on the toy to begin with, and it was on there tightly. But with a tug and a twist, POP, it came off, and the club part twisted on easily.

This toy is water resistant, and when I was unscrewing the base to see how the batteries went in, I was impressed with the rubber gasket to keep the water out. There is a removable sleeve that you put the 4 AA batteries in and then slide it back in. It's very simple and tells you which way to put the batteries, and the compartment is fitted, so you can only put it in the correct way. Nailed it!

With the size of the toy, you'd think that the small batteries wouldn't be able to do the job, but, oh yes, it actually adds a BANG to this hammer!

We decided to play with it the night we got it, so it was hammer time!!!! We both liked the 3rd setting, which was the highest steady setting. We both used the hammer head first. The vibes were very strong, which we both loved. We rubbed it over our nipples and chest, and it felt really good!! I love strong, direct clit stimulation. The claw, which is the 2 prong part, offers a couple of options for stimulation. One, you can use one of the tips to put some direct stimulation on the clit. That felt awesome, and pried a few orgasm from my girlfriend. The claw can also be used to provide stimulation around the clit or lips. Sliding it around her clit, my girlfriend gently yanked and yanked her clit area, and had a very strong orgasm that way as well. I used the claws on me, and I liked it, got a couple of orgasms from that, then I decided to flip it over and put the face (flat part) on my clit. The face's circumference was extremely covering, and stimulated all of the right places, and I was hammering out a very, very powerful, pounding orgasm! OMG!! I felt as though my head was about to explode!

After a break, it was time for the insertable part of the investigation. I was a very bad, bad girl, and I needed a good stick, to put me in my place. Yes officer, I'm a naughty girl! I like to have a full feeling, so we used the club part on me. After the pounding I got from the hammer, I was soaked, and so the club part went in easily. It felt GREAT! The ribs on the club were just enough to stimulate, and not irritate. I still felt the vibes inside as well, and I was enjoying my "beating" immensely! I was surrendering to the orgasms easily. Afterwards, I felt pounded and subdued successfully, however, I promise that I will be needing an adjustment, pounding, and subduing again very soon.

There were a couple of drawbacks to this toy. It is a bit loud. Not so much that it gets in the way of using it, but it's still kind of loud. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the loudest, I'd give it a 3-3.5. The other is the handle. It is pretty wide. So, sometimes hanging on to it can be tricky for smaller hands. But, we made do, and do we did!!! LOL

Due to the size of this toy, I'd say that it may be a better fit for someone that has some sex toy experience.

All in all, this toy gets my highest Tyger rating of a full arched back, 4 paws waaaaay up, poofed out tail, and a satisfied growling puuuuurrrr!!!!

Nail this toy down! Hammer out your order!



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It was pretty funny at first.....we were kinda skeptical! But, this thing is AWESOME!!!!! This one lasted about 2 yrs. We wore it out!!!! Unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore, so we had to replace it from somewhere else, but we still use it regularly!!! LOVE IT!!

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