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    phone sex with various toys. Mind blowing O
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  1. I’m a woman and I use men’s prostate toys simply because I have an anal fetish. Insert it to where it’s comfortable. If you’re able to insert it all the way , great. If not don’t force it. Lube up and experiment. Try a little deeper after you’ve adjusted ....
  2. Lube up....being a virgin you can never use to much lube. Go slow as Lis says. Take your time and enjoy the experience ....I’m assuming that since this was posted in January you've made some progress? Let us know.....
  3. Did you have any success yet? I’m a toy collector and seeing that you’re a virgin, (are you still?). You might want to try something like The Satisfier 2. It’s a clit teaser and I must admit my fav rechargeable toy I own. It has given me more mind blowing orgasms then any other toy. There are other clit teasers out there that you might experiment with but unfortunately the ones with good results tend to be a little more expensive. I actually had a coupon and a same deal on mine fir $49. But I’ve seen the Satisfier 2 upwards of $130. Shop around for the best prices. This site’s toy store isn’t bad on prices comparably speaking. Idk about the Satisfier’s price here but 8 have made a few purchases from TooTimid and I’ve always been happy with the service. You could entertain the thought of trying a small butt plug while you stimulate your clit. Let me know if you’ve made any progress.
  4. I bought a tiny pump and it doesn’t do much.....I’m curious if anyone has had a good experience with them ....
  5. Absolute pleasure. Some people wear them only fir sexual gratification. There are those of us who are long-term wearers. I believe it’s calked “ locked-in?” Could be wrong on that, been a while since it’s come up in discussion. I have a large collection of plugs. I LOVE too, as John Jacob does, wear them while doing my errands. It’s the stretched tight feeling that I crave. They’re great to use during sex of course but I’ll wear them all day without getting any sexual gratification from them.
  6. Referring to The top pic, I just ordered a similar shaped toy...insert the long penis (if your a woman) into your V and the little “finger” would be to tease your clit. You could also use it anally. Is it rechargeable?
  7. GOOD MORNING....hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Please take a moment to stop and think about our fallen men and women.   Safe travels ♥️

    1. Pumper


      Agreed.  Thanks for addressing this for us. 👍🏻

  8. I have the Satisfier 2 and the charger so far works great...I hope it doesn’t die, I use it EVERY day
  9. Tyger....I do toy reviews and that was a great review on the Satisfier with extra vibrations....I have the Satisfier 2 w/o the extra vibrations...it’s by far my most favorite toy I’ve ever tried...,it’s also the loudest😁 you could hear it through three doors 😁 I can’t recommend it enough
  10. Omg ....the Satisfier 2 is the BEST clit teaser I’ve ever tried.....I can NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD about it !!! I collect toys, have a modest collection 😎😎. It’s the best toy I own. Guys get one...your women will thank you!!!
  11. Good Evening Lovies , It’s been months since I’ve been here, don’t even remember when the last time was. I’ve had a few changes in my life. I’d like to re-introduce myself . I’m a 38ishish submissive very curious pansexual woman. I’d love to chat and get to know some of you like-minded friends. Fell free to hit me up and chat......Lissey F.
  12. So about 2 years or so ago, my libido skyrocketed. I mean just shot up and has never gone back to normal. I’ve been in a continuous armorous mood since then. I get horny at nothing. At everything. At inappropriate things lol......I’ve spoken with my PC, gynecologist and urologist about it. They’ve all said the same thing, they can’t give me any reason that would account for a skyrocketing sexual drive. Before this happened, I had your normal everyday libido. Well, maybe it was a little nyphonic lol ( I made that word up, I like it 😎 lol ) I’m at a loss lol. I’m not complaining, mind you, well a little bit maybe. It gets to be a pain, horny at very inappropriate times lol .... horny when I can’t take care of it...and believe me, that seems to be all I do with my free time...if I buy one more toy I’m gonna hafta get a small storage unit anyone other woman experience this? Or men I suppose but you guys get horny with the wind so idk if you can really count
  13. I’m in kinda the same boat....talking doesn’t seem to make any difference 😓
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