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how do you introduce sex toys

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Introducing a partner to toys can be tricky or interesting depending on your partner. I suggest first talking about toys in playful and educational ways. Maybe show your partner toy sites, watch YouTube video of people talking about sex toys, watch video of use of toys, try playing with toys in non sexual ways. Maybe show your partner how much pleasure and enjoyment you get from playing with toys and tell your partner how much more fun and pleasure you would have if he/she would join in. Mostly talk about toy play in fun and encouraging ways with your partner.

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You can start off slow, like with lubes or clit enhancers. Flavored blow job lotions, or even something like a massage candle (the wax melts and is a massage lotion). Shopping for those on here (of course) can lead to bigger things, curiosity may build up. You may start the shopping expedition with something like "I want to look for something to add a little spice/fun/different in our lovemaking".

My ex husband wasn't into sex toys at first either, and, by the end of our marriage (which had nothing to do with sex toys), he had his own stash of toys, including anal playing toys! His philosophy, at first, was that "if he pleased me well enough, I shouldn't NEED sex toys". Well, most people don't NEED sex toys, however, sex toys are NOT to replace anyone, or replace a lover, but to enhance the sexual experience. And, with a lot of reassurance, and slowly getting him interested (at first, I introduced non-phallic looking toys so as not to intimidate or make him feel like he was being replaced), and discussion. He even took me to a sex toy shop a few times, to sincerely shop!!!! It was an amazing turn around. So, it can happen.

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