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Hi there, Looking to find what's the best way  to keep an erection? What are the best cock rings to use. Metal,  rubber or silicone?  I hear metal,  but are they easy to put on?            Need help john

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Cock rings are a personal thing. There are pros and cons to each. While a cockring may help in maintaining an erection wearing one too long fully erect can have effects you may not want. I find they do help with producing more powerful orgasms and do keep blood flow more contained. As for the best ring... That is a toss up. I personally favor metal. I like the feel and the weight. But if you have a problem getting one off is a beast. Silicone is my next favorite material. It has a slight stretch. The material holds up extremely well. Then there is plastics, leather, and cloth rings. None of which I favor bot some do. I go for a more firm material as it is more comfortable and gives better effects in my opinion. The key to a ring is the fit. Too small and it is painful and can cause damage. Too large and there is no effect. Take a fabric measuring tape and measure around the back of your scrotum and at the base of your penis (one big circle) and then use that number as your guide. Rings can go from 1 inch to 3 or more inches in circumference. Also look at thickness of the ring. Once again I find thicker rings more comfortable and over all better than thinner rings. But, that is just my preference. Last, you ask if metal rings are easy to put on? The answer is yes once you learn the best way to put it on for you. Lube will help as you explore. Enjoy!

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RC would know more personal experiences than I, of course, however, I will say that, like sex toys for women, it would mostly rely on personal preference. For example, some women like glass toys, others don't and prefer jelly toys, where others prefer silicone. Some prefer no vibes, others, stronger vibes, or low vibes.  Or, maybe in another way you can understand, condoms. Some men prefer lambskin, others latex. I know most don't like them period, but you do have a material that you prefer if you have to use one, right?

It's really what YOU (and your cock) like. The fun part is that you get to try out different ones to find out!!!

I will say that silicone is more sterile, and easy to clean. Though, silicone items can't be used with ANY sort of silicone lubes, or it will "melt" the toy. Metal won't have any give to it. Jelly has a LOT of flexibility, but you have to be sure to clean that very well since it's porous and can harbor bacteria if not cleaned and stored well.

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