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In case some of you may not know, "gay-dar" is the feeling you get when you think someone is gay when meeting them, or even just seeing someone, and thinking "wow, they're gay".

I'm not sure where exactly the term came from, but, do you have good "gay-dar"? Do you think that it's real?

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I like to think mine is fairly good. Then there are those places and times where I just assume everyone is gay until I find out differently. I have gotten told that I am the only person who thinks that way from many of my friends. Of course those friends are all gay and think I'm strange anyway (LOL).

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Respectfully, I disagree with the whole "stereotyping" response. I'm not overly sensitive, and I think saying that everything is a stereotype is silly, and over-dramatizes stuff.

However, something like "Gay-Dar", I've heard straight, bi, gay (and all of the stereotypes of gay people you can imagine) use this term as more like a funny think, not as an insult or something that they classify as a certain type of person having.

Do I think stereotypes exist? Absolutely!! A stereotype to me is like a guy with a shaved head, and swazticas tattooed on him, and saying, "ok, skinhead", or a black dude with pants hanging down to his knees, baseball cap on sideways, the swagger/limp, and you think "Thug".  How you put yourself out there as a person, not a feeling.

Again, I mean this is a respectfully as possible.

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