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Pink B.O.B Beginners Silicone Vibe


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The name could not fit this little guy any better, it is just that a wonderful beginners vibe. As someone who owns several toys this vibrator definitely earned its badge as an excellent candidate for someone looking to start using any kind of vibrator. I would highly recommend it, it makes a great toy for personal use, and a good starter couple toy.

 Right off the bat this vibrators silicone material makes it super nice to use and clean up a breeze. This vibrator has 10 speed/pulse combinations making it nice to find the right motion for your ocean! However, I would have loved that feature a little more if there were a button for pulses and a different button for vibration speeds. Having the one button kind of stinks, since you have to cycle through them to get back to a previous one. Another, aspect that makes this ideal for a beginner vibe user is that the vibrations were not very strong, as someone who has use vibrators I enjoy very strong vibrations. The beginner vibe definitely lacked in that department, and I thought it was a bit loud compared to the strength of the vibrator. The different pulse patterns however..VERY NICE!

I used this vibrator more as a personal toy, then as a couple type toy. When I used it with my husband it was a little harder since the vibrations weren’t very strong, and again the single button to change the speed/vibrations kinda put a kink in the mood. I do like PINK B.O.B’s packaging as they always include some nice little sex tips and advice for users of their products.

All in all, the Pink Bob Beginners Vibe would make an excellent starter toy for anyone looking to flirt with the idea of adding toys to their bedroom. I would highly recommend it as a gift to someone that you would like to introduce to toys, or think would benefit from giving them a shot. If you’re thinking of trying a little bedroom fun, give this guy a chance he won’t disappoint you!

As always, I would recommend trying any sex toy for the first time with a little water based lubricant for an outstanding slippery sensation to go along with an exploding O! 

Here's the link so you can check it out for yourself! 



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I purchased the Pink B.O.B. about four months ago. Figured that I would try it out for a while before commenting. My wife is a very shy person and does not seem to care for sex toys. We had tried other toys in the past to no avail. But this time...WOW! We both have used it, on ourselves and each other. She is still a bit shy, but beginning to enjoy the inclusion of this new toy to our love making. The orgasms we received were intense! Would DEFINITELY recommend this little gem as a first time toy.

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I prefer seperate buttons too. The cycling theu them all can be a bit frustrating.  But all in all, sounds great! 

Just a helpful tip: with silicone toys tou have to ONLY use wayer based lubes. NO silicone based lubes!!!! Silicone lubes eat at silicone toys, making them mushy and making the toy trash. :( 

To kkeep my toys safe, I have them in their original packaging, or, if I'm able to, I use small, cloth bags. Crown Royal bags are a perfect size! ;)

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