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I am pretty skeptical when it comes to using any kind of “climax enhancement” cream, be it warming, tingling, whatever it is I am always pretty skeptical on whether they work or not. The couple times that I tried out the climax cream, I didn’t really feel like it made a significant enough impact to WOW me. The climax cream definitely comes in basically a lip gloss type container I can see how it would be easily mistaken for a lip gloss. I used a small amount of cream both with my husband and alone, every time I applied it all I felt was a sort of tingling sensation almost like a minty, however it doesn’t have any mint in the ingredients. It also takes around 5 minutes to actually start feeling the tingling, so I would apply when you first start your foreplay or warming yourself up with a vibrator. My overall thoughts would be to give it a shot, everyone is different sensation wise, and it could be that it just didn’t do anything for me and works for someone else.;)

Here's the link if you think you would like to try a creamy sexual enhancer



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Once warmed up, was it an intense tingling, or just light? On a scale of 1 -5, how would you rate the tingle?

Did it have a scent? Or a taste?

When reviewing stimulation creams, you should always give an example of intensity, your personal preference, and scent/taste. People, like myself, who love to try new stimulation creams find that information important. If it's not a good one, be honest. Not every item will work for you, and if it's not a good product, it's not a good product.

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Thanks for the tips Tyger! This particular climax cream had no scent or taste. The intensity was a very mild to mildly medium lol if that makes sense. Im not a super fan of climax creams just because I have never found one that works for me. Hope this helps 

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If you don’t give it an absolute “WOW” then I won’t even consider buying a product for this purpose...I’ve spent way to much on these creams and gels and they never work the way they should...thank you PlayfulKitty 😊for the honest review

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