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Lots of us have been or are on dating websites.

Dating is tough regardless, but online can be a bit more tricky due to people being whomever they want to be online.

What are some of your online dating tips?

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Number one don't let yourself get sucked in before you meet in person.  Number two be as honest as you can because remember they might want to actually meet you in RL

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I agree with Kris. Being honest is key.

Post a picture of YOU. Use a real picture of you that's CURRENT!!! One guy I went out with, had posted a picture of himself that was 15 years younger than he was now. He looked a lot different! I would also suggest that you keep your kids out of the picture. Just be wary, because there are a lot of pervs out there, and you can never be too careful. IMO, they shouldn't be meeting your kids until you're BOTH sure that there will be a relationship. Why put kids thru any of that if the person will just disappear within a couple of weeks?

Here's my list of "don't contact me if you......" which I did actually post as my profile on POF when I was on it:

Don't Contact Me If:

*You live with your parents (unless the reason you're living with them is for medical reasons)

*You are unemployed

*You are confused, pining for your ex, living with a woman who may think you're a couple or you are a couple, or are married

*Love to send penis pictures

*Your opening line is about your penis

*Your opening line is asking me for a boob pic

*You don't like kids or animals

*You are a sex offender

*You only want a booty call

*You Lie

*You Cheat

*You Steal

*You make excuses and don't take responsibility for your own actions

*You Don't have a sense of humor and/or not understand sarcasm

*Want a "good lil' woman" that will be submissive and do everything you say because You're The Man

*Want a replacement wife/mother

*Are abusive

*Will expect me to quit my job

*Are racist

Even after all of that, I still got guys asking "Do you like hard, black cock?" or "do you like 8" cocks?" Seriously. From people my age or older. Get a life. With those, I messaged them back telling them to READ MY PROFILE. LOL


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I met my second wife on line back in the days of online chat rooms, we chatted for months before we even thought about talking to each other on the phone, it was about a year and a half before we even talked about meeting in person and when we did I went to her neck of the woods so she could feel more comfortable with the meeting, I haven't been on a dating website I haven't really had any interest in them however I think that for some people they are good and do work

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I kinda miss online chatrooms. Some of them were really interesting and fun. I never did go into the ones for dating though.

I know of 3 couples, not including mine, that have met online and are married. These people were honest and true to their profiles though, and didn't play the b.s. games.

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Tyger You might be to young to remember when Prodigy first came to the new internet, then there was A.O.L. ECT 






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When the internet was first coming out, I was with someone, engaged, and not looking at dating sites. However, I DO remember some of the subject chat rooms, which could get steamy and suggestive. ;)

I do remember ICQ.......

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My wife and I met online. It was considered taboo sort of at the time but soon after it became the norm. I was late 30s looking for casual friends that had the possibilities of growth.  Someone close to my age.  Everyone i knew was mostly tied to work and married or if single was old enough to be my daughter or mother or grandma. I did lots of ballroom dancing but in the world I was the young guy around older wealty widows all my moms age on up. I was horny but looking at swing groups for couples. I figure if i go this route i want a couple where i can be friends first with benefit so i need a chemestry with both.  Best i got was the guys wanting to meet first then latter the wife after he and i played. This wouldnt work cause my fantasies need both togeather. If i going to explore a bi experince i need her to watch and provide encourament and support.  I not into cheating and if she not coming to meet then she maybe not involved with this idea. If i going to service one i have to st least offer to service the other partner of him or her. So i never got that experince but even if that was what one was looking forward it tough for that too. And i understand the irritation of dick pictures. Online brought easier time to a more complicated world now filled with more risks. I saw lots of ads with people with lots of baggage wanting people with no baggage. Everyone has baggage.  I agree with no picture of kids. If you have kids say single parent . Dont show the kids picture. Meet public places and let someone know your meeting someone where and when.  Possibly who because bad things happen these days and you gotta think of the kids and safety. 


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