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HPV (Human PapillomaVirus)


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I had an abnormal pap in November 2014, my first ever, when I was 35. My general practitioner said it was vaginal dryness and I got an ointment with estrogen. I had a repeat pap 6 weeks later and then the results were mild dysplasia and HR-HPV! I started to see a new obgyn who recommended me to do treatment with CERVUGID Ovules combined with Isoprinosine Tablets (antiviral - just one cours with 3 boxes for severe HPV high risk) and if the treatment doesn’t work to do Cone Biopsy. This treatment has to be administrated in 2 courses, each cours 3 boxes of Cervugid. Since then I changed my lifestyle, eating every day broccoli, broccolisprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or spinache. I don't know how these worked but it couldn't be bad. I stopped the Cervugid treatment in july 2015. October 2015 I had a repeat pap and everyting came back normal! No dysplasia and no HPV!
My next pap in March 2016 was normal again and no HPV! June 2016: my last papresults were normal again and HPV-negative!

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I'd recommend that you keep getting checked, just to be on the safe side, but I'm so happy for you!

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I agree with Tyger, and I am very happy that they are coming back clear for you now. :-)

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