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I like clit stimulation so often I just need a bullet but if I want to cum hard I get a thick dildo that opens me wider than most men can.  

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Stimulating the G-spot is the way to squirting.  Any toy that curves up,  or even a curled finger doing the "come hither" motion along with some pressure inside can do it. Yes,  clothes stimulating is also a must.  The type of toy, pressure,  vibe strength,  and even position,  will vary person the person.  The fun is the practicing part!!!! 

Don't be frustrated if it doesn't work the first few times or toys.  Each woman is different.  What works for one,  may not work for another. For example,  I prefer a direct strong vibe. I also cum faster with something inserted inside of me.  My girlfriend's preference is a lighter,  indirect vibe,  no inserting of anything usually. 

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The first toy that worked for me to get me squirting,  is called The Blue Swirl.  It's a pretty glass dildo. I also used a bullet for the clit stimulation. 

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