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Yes, an over abundance of stress can decrease the pleasure of even prevent orgasm for some people.

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There are several factors that can kill one's libido and strength of their orgasms.

Stress, medications, being tired, worried about something, or just plain not in the mood.

Many people are like "well, stop stressing, stop being tired...." blah blah blah. It's not always that easy!!! Especially for women. We think ALL OF THE TIME!! We over-think. I admit it!!! We do! Especially those with kids. Usually, it's the Mom that holds things together, gets things done in one form or another, has the majority of responsibility of the kids, with very little help often (not always). Daily stressors can do that.

If it's a matter of your lover just isn't pleasing you, please, peruse the site more. There are hundreds of tips, reviews, suggestions, and articles that you can go thru. However, such a broad statement of "Need better orgasms" really makes it difficult to ascertain what the issue is.....

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