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Need some advice please

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Not sure how this works but here goes...I’m single but in a crazy situation.  So I have a child and my donor (aka baby’s father) is sniffing around me like a hound dog and feels like he can have sex with me whenever he wants to.  He has a girlfriend and two other baby mothers that he doesn’t even mess with...the girlfriend isn’t as “fun” as me and the other baby mamas beg for him.  Then there’s me that is singe and don’t need sex just enjoy it when I have it.  I’m the opposite of these females I’m like his buddy I have a nice shape but I would rather be in gym shoes instead of makeup and heels but don’t get me wrong I’ll put them on if needed.  So with all this being said he proceeds to tell me that he’s “freaky” and want to have more fun with me and take me out of town to add someone to our secret sexing?  He already feels he can fuck me whenever because I’m his baby mama but now he feels like he can do whatever with me to??  I already don’t feel like he respects me because he’s cheating on his so called girlfriend of two years with me...and now this.  I love having sex with him I love that he wants to have sex with me but why can’t his girl pleasure him like I do??  Why can’t she help him fulfill these fantasies?  Will he do all this stuff with me then be with Susie homemaker? I’m not tryin to be the freaky side piece forever and I’m not tryin to be looked at as his whore that fucks his brains out then he takes home...I’m talkin in circles.  I hope you understand this. 

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I see yourdelema and your pain. The disturbing part is you not feeling respected. If that is the case then I would also suggest you do the best thing for yourself, move on away from him. Trust yourself and know that you are worth the respect you are asking for.

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