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Screaming O Climax Cream


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I was unable to find this item on the website, so I'm assuming that they no longer carry it (?). However, in the spirit of being honest, since I was sent this to review, here goes:

I love having my clit stimulation! I mean, there's not much better than that for woman, right?

Well, be that as it may, I guess I cannot recommend this item. It's calle Screaming O Climax Cream. It boasts "Heightened Simulation For Her". 

It comes in a white tube, kinda looking like a small sampler of tooth paste. And not to be confused with the black tubed studio collection version that I was able to find on here since it's a different name.

Any-who, this stuff comes out like a thin lotion would, and only comes out of the tube as much as you want. I'd love to say a little goes a long way, but, alas, after 4 times of trying this stuff (on 4 separate occasions), the only good things I can say is that it has just a slight odor, which isn't unpleasant, nor overly good though, and that it cleans off rather easily.

Guuuuuurl!!! I did every trick I know of to make sure this stuff worked!!! I applied thin, then added a bit more. Spread my legs to see if the air would help activate, had showered so as to apply to a clean area, had tried it excited, & not excited........NOTHING!!!

So, if you happen to see a white, .5 oz tube with red lettering that says Screaming O Climax Cream, turn away, it's not worth it.

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My wife prefers my own special brand of screaming O climax cream!

Comes in a convenient tubular container, and properly applied....it works for her! 



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Thank you Tyger for the honest review, I’m looking for a couple different creams and I will avoid this one

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