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Hey. For all intents and purposes you can call me Marcus. My gf and Inhave been dating for a year and a half. We had a great sex life going so far. Now things have slowed up. She’s in college living on campus across the city and she is going through family stuff right now. A dear family member of hers wasn’t given much longer to enjoy her life which makes things worse. She hasn’t touched me in over a month. Closest she came to it is kissing my neck for a few minutes. That’s it. She texted me telling me how horny she was and I tried to capitalize on that, but she jacked off and got it out her system. She won’t even masterbaute on the phone with me. I’m irritated and highly irritable. I do understand what she’s going through, but I actually need her. It’s been too long and I crave her. Is there anyway to get her in the mood? Are there new techniques to try? I have a toy, but even that doesn’t feel the same to me.

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Sorry dude, "these are the times that try men's souls". You can either break up with her or be supportive, but until SHE gives the signal, your only play is to be understanding. Perhaps a picnic or a sailboat or something you know she really likes would help her to know that you care about more than her sexy. Of course, there is always getting some secret snatch on the side. But time has to work here. Let it work for you, not against you.

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