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Gspot.. How did I miss it all this time!


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Hello everyone,,

I'm 36, wife is 36. We have some pretty fun sex, but lately we have been expanding our sex with new positions, toys, playing, all fun stuff.

I've gone in search for her gspot may times, but it's never been a priority for her as our oral sex and other foreplay has always been solid. But for me, I wanted to find it!

I spent some nights running my fingers inside of her trying to feel for it but never could, I'd think "Is it that deep that I can't reach it?" stupid I know.. During PIV sex she gets very aroused and stimulated, I'm 7" long so maybe I'm showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.vet/ hitting it with my head, but my wife bottoms out at 5.5" ish.. Perplexed I kinda stopped looking and focused on the other stuff.

Last night was cold, so we had a more under the covers kinda sex, I didn't give her oral, I can't breath under the blankets, but I wanted to. She kept me up kissing, so I just manually rubbed her off. I had an urge to stick my fingers inside of her and palm her clit and that's when I found it!! As soon as I hooked my index inside she tensed up and her eye rolled in her head and she uttered "god". I pulled my hand out and she looked me square in the eyes and said "Do that again, now".

So I felt in again and sure enough, it was right there about 3/4" inside. I kept missing it because I stupidly assumed it was deeper. She really enjoyed PIV because I was hitting it constantly.

Now that I found it, I'm going to spend alot of time with it, I just ordered a gspot vibrator and a few finger sleeves for this purpose.

Has anyone else had this "Finally!!" moment with their partners? Fuck I'm excited for when the kids go the bed tonight 😈.

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My wife's favorite toy for g-spot stimulation is a small curved glass wand. she inserts it just holds it there applying pressure while I either lick her clit or use a wand on her clitoris. And no time she is orgasming and oftentimes squirting. Have fun. I know we do

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