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Looking for something gentler

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Every toy seems to have the word "powerful" in the description. My girlfriend is super sensitive and almost every toy we've tried is too overwhelming and she hate them. The best we can do is put them on the lowest setting and keep it a mile from the clit. Every key word I've tried online (e.g., gentle, soft vibration, etc) comes back with nothing. Are there any toys designed to have a very gentle power level that she can tolerate? 

Also-she doesn't like any toys shaped like real penises. 

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My wife has the same problem. The toys that suck on the clit are too powerful for her. What she enjoys the best is glass g-spot dildos. It seems to get her off real well and that's the first time she's ever squirted was using one. You might try using a non vibrating ones

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Hey all! great question @flyguy01136 has your wife tried any of the following?





I tried to pick a few that have air pulsations that mimic kissing rather than a true sucking sensation. Satisfyer makes a lot of great toys for this, which is why I included them in my list. 

Hope that helps! 


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I would LOVE to try the first one @Emily!!!

I have the Satisfyr and the Satisfyr 2, and a penguin shaped one. Those do more of a sucking action, and have very low to very high. The S2 also has the other end that has a vibrator on that as well. They curl my toes!!!!

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