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The neighbors wife


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A couple years ago some new neighbors moved in next door. They were 30 something’s, very friendly, no kids yet. Being good neighbors we invited them to dinner, after a few cocktails i could tell Miranda my neighbors wife was into my wife Dawn. She took on that sexy tone and was touching my wife on the arm or leg when they were talking. After watching this for a bit i could tell she would go both ways. After they left i asked my wife if she was picking up on her vibe and she said “yes, she’s touchy”.

My wife has had a couple experiences with other women so i could tell that she was excited about this new relationship. The next weekend they invite us to a housewarming party that had about 20 guests, everyone talking, drinking & having a fun time. This is were i realize the alcohol gets my neighbors wife very friendly as she starts rubbing Dawns ass here and there. My wife gives me the look that says PLEASE! I see she’s into it, I was intrigued and shoot back the COOL look. 

Shortly after that Miranda is giving Dawn a tour of their house and they head down the hall to the bedroom. I stick around talking with Tom my neighbor in the living room. 20 or so minutes pass before we see the girls again and my wife gives me a mischievous look that gets my attention. They act like best friends the rest of the evening. After we leave I ask my wife did she enjoy herself and she blurts out “we made out in the bedroom!” Apparently Miranda told her she was so sexy and had to kiss her. Miranda also told her she had a weakness for sexy older women.

My wife is 5’-2” 120 lbs with an ass that will get your attention, she also had her hooker hair going that night. She said they had some long wet kisses with plenty of tounge while Miranda gently rubbed her tits. My wife has a great rack and she gets HOT when i suck or pinch those nipples! By now we are home and she grabs my hand and says “I’m so horny, i need your cock!” She was beyond wet and started sucking my cock and rubbing my balls right there in the hallway till i was ridgid.

My wife gives a blowjob like a professional, she understands how to massage my balls while stroking my shaft at the same time. It took her about 2 minutes to get me rock hard. I could tell this was about her needs so i asked “what do you want?” She pushed me back on the bed whole still stroking my cock for another minute before she climbs on and goes balls deep! She was so wet and started grinding it out saying “Fuck my pussy baby!!” She was still dressed from the waist up so i took off her tank top and she unclipped the bra revealing those beautiful tits saying “Ooh fuck yeah” as it fell to the floor. She rode my cock hard for another 3 or 4 minutes until she said “ooh baby fucking gonna cum, gonna cum now!” Dawn will clench down hard when she has a clitoral orgasm but i could still feel her little rose contracting with each wave of bliss she was experiencing. Seeing her face completely surrendered to the pleasure she was feeling got me off right there (what a mess). She collapsed on my chest totally spent, while i was thinking how much fun my new neighbor could be.

more to come.....



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Enjoyed your story and it sounds like you have quite a neighbor. Love The perky nipples on your wife

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