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When i was 13 my parents went out of town so my brother & I went to stay the weekend with our aunt. My cousin Darlene had her friend Sharla over the same weekend. The first night is already chronicled (look it up) your first ejaculation changes everything when your 13, the next day we all go swimming and I am looking at my cousin & her friend with a different perspective. Like they never had boobs before or smelled so nice. Sharla kept looking at me with that smile like we have a secret.

They left to go see some friends and didn’t return until after 10 pm, everyone was in bed, it was quiet so I could hear them in the next room making sounds. I wanted to go see them wondering if they would repeat the previous nights actions. I couldn’t think of anything else for what seemed like forever, I couldn’t stop myself from walking to their door, it was closed but not latched so i went just inside & closed it back. They were both naked, my cousin was on her back with her ass at the edge of the bed with her legs spread open & Sharla was licking her pussy with her hands pulling on her thighs like she couldn’t get enough bush in her mouth.

They didn’t notice me at first, all wrapped up in their own experience. I watched for several minutes as Darlene was moving & moaning, i could hear their breathing getting faster as Sharla was bearing down on her clit “fuck thats so perfect” Darlene was very hot now, That’s when Sharla noticed me standing there. She just kind of smiled that evil smile and held out her hand for me to take it. As I walked over to her she stood up and kissed me with full tongue. As I tasted my cousins pussy on her lips I was completely excited, she also began to stroke my cock that was already rock hard. She told my cousin “stay right there” and lead me up next to her and began stroking her clit with the head of my cock. The bed height was good, the angle was perfect.

This was getting pretty hot, she looked at Darlene and said “She’s so wet honey” and then nudged me forward and I slid balls deep into my cousin’s pussy. It was incredible, being a virgin I had never experienced this wet warm sensation before. Sharla knew it would only be a matter of seconds or minutes so she was standing behind me with her hands on my shoulders whispering in my ear coaching me the whole time “easy honey, easy now, grab her hips” That just got me hotter as I slowly slid in an out, in and out, I could feel an Intense feeling building and building.

Sharla must’ve seen in my eyes what was about to happen because she grabbed my hips and pulled me out just before I came all over the floor. It was amazing, this was my first sexual experience! Sharla told me to sit on the bed then she went down on my cousin and licked her clit until she came. Not loudly mind you but it was intense enough she just rolled over on her side in the fetal position for a couple minutes. Sharla asked me if that was my first time and I nodded, she said “you were great”.

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This is a great story. Growing up I had a cousin who was four years older. As chance would have it she came to live with us. It drove me crazy thinking of her sleeping one bedroom away. But sadly nothing happened. In my mind lots happened. A good masturbation fantasy. So, this story resonates well with me reminiscing about the time that almost was. You did a great job with re-telling of that joyous event.  Loved your cousin but Sharla was one bad girl. So really liked this... now where do I find part one?

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