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Another Premature Question


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Hi,  So, first my situation. I'm a 32 year old virgin. I suffered from real bad depression which hindered most of my development in life, but it's cool now, so no worries. I have a feeling this isn't that unusual, but I used masturbation as a way to hide from my feelings and life, so I did it a lot. I suppose I numbed myself, which is why I needed certain fetish stuff to get off. I believe alot of it was mental. I'm in a better place now, and I'm starting to think about being with actual girls, and I'm masturbating less frequently, but when I do I ejaculate quicker than ever. I'm talking seconds. This has always been a thing with me, except when I was doing it so much there was like a system to stretch the session out.

So, my question is; Is there hope for me? I get freaked out thinking about, how I've been doing it this way for so many years and that maybe the issue has rooted itself. And certainly even if that isn't the case it will take some undoing, how do I sort that out. I'm sure most girls will be turned off by this. 

So any advice?

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No, this is actually a very good question.

When you masturbate, you can cum quickly or not. It's your pleasure you're dealing with, and not having to worry about anyone else's.

When you have sex with a person, you should also be concerned with their pleasure as well as your own. It takes time and practice to develop the skill, yes, it's a skill, to hold back before you cum. This is usually a concern with men, since men generally cum faster than women anyway.

And, yes, if you masturbate a certain way, it can become harder and harder to cum any other way.

Communication is key when trying to seduce a lady (or man). At least if it's someone you want to be in a relationship with.

Things can change for you if you want them to. When you find the right person, it will happen. Be honest with them, and listen to them too.

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