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 What does it mean if you live with a guy for eight months pregnant and he said he will buy a car if you get an abortion how does he have no emotional attachment ?  And another question is why does he keep all the sex videos of all the girls he has had sex with? And he  literally fought me off last night  when I try to grab it iPad .  What should I do 

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make sure the door does not hit your arse on the way out and hurry he sounds like a loser

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I would say that you probably should leave. If he is keeping sex videos of other girls he's been with, then, honestly, sorry to say, he isn't that into you, and lacks commitment.  Especially if you're pregnant. 

Accidents happen, but you always should have a discussion as to what your boyfriend's opinion is about having kids before sleeping together. Accidents happen, things fail, and slip-ups occur, but even though it's not "romantic", having a good idea about what would happen if a pregnancy happened is best for the both of you.

Please understand that I'm not judging you at all. Just my honest opinion,

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