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Hot tub climax


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I was feeling pretty horny tonight but my wife's fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis are really bad today with the front that just came through. I didn't want to force myself on her so I thought I would just go down to the hot tub and relieve tension. While sitting there with my Jets on low I had my feet on a jet that's at the bottom of the hot tub. It felt good and I slipped forward and I found one spot where the jet was hitting real nice on my asshole. It felt like a soft tongue just working its way around it. After a few minutes of this I turned the Jets on high and it was like the tongue stiffened and started inserting inside of my ass. I started getting hard and started playing with my cock. I then turned over and got in a position where that jet was hitting on the frenulum on my cock. It felt awesome. I then started move my hips up and down like I was fucking it. Within a matter of minutes I exploded with a great orgasm. Hot tubs can relieve tension in more ways than one I find out.

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I guess not. My dick still feels all tingly

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On 4/10/2020 at 9:53 PM, cirrus20 said:

I guess hot tub jets aren't just for muscle relaxation or pleasuring clits anymore.

I like the shower head with the water rushing nice n hot LOL but I never had a hot tub jet of course on my clit but my husband licks my hiny and it is amazing but even tho I'm fresh from the shower I get nervous LOL 

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