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Not quite Hawaii, but actually better.


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My wife and I were supposed to be celebrating our 30th anniversary in Hawaii. Due to Corona that was obviously cut off. So instead today we drove out to the beach and pretended we were in Hawaii. When we first got to the beach this morning I pulled over close to dunes, open the console and pulled out a bullet vibrator. I gave it to my wife and I say I'm going to stop in 6 Miles. You've got that amount of time to get yourself all nice and wet and hopefully have your first orgasm of the day.

She looked at me with a cute little smile, took the vibrator, pull down their swimsuit and proceeded to play. I was driving along nice and slow watching her as she you rubbed the vibrator on her clit and labia and then worked it inside of her vagina as well. Before we reached our destination she leaned back, closed her eyes and had a nice smile on her face. Mission accomplished. First orgasm of the day.

When we reached where I wanted to go I backed the vehicle against the dunes. I looked at her and I said thank you for a great visual anniversary present. At this point I poured us some mimosas that I made and we had a toast to our 30th anniversary. We each then grab some coconut oil and starter rubbing it on each other. And then we got in the back of the vehicle with the tailgate down and she said what would you like. I said how about a nice blowjob. She smiled and said I can do that. She then proceeded to give me an awesome blowjob. First taking the head of my cock into her mouth and then nibbling on it. Then she started nibbling and sucking on frenulum, with just drove me up the wall. I had to pull out and say well I'm on the edge right now. Let's hold off a minute. After a few minutes she started again and working her way down and taking my balls into her mouth. I said okay now it's my turn to please you. No complaint from her.

As we were switching positions we noticed there was a naked guy on the dunes a short distance from us. She asked me if I thought he could see us and I said probably. I thought this would definitely be the end of our open sexual activity. But instead she just looked at me and said oh well. I started licking her labia and her clit and then sucking on it very gently. At this point I stuck my finger into her vagina found her g-spot and started putting pressure on it. She let out with a few moans and started moving your hips all around and then she just exploded with a great orgasm. I was able to lick up her pussy juice and it tasted great.

We also brought some toys to play with. First she lubed up a c shape vibrator and inserted it inside her. Then she lubed up a vibrating butt plug and insert it in me. We put on our bottoms and went for a walk. All the time we were playing with the remote control for our toys. Me controlling hers and she controlling mine. when we got close to where the naked guy was he kept himself concealed behind the door of his truck and just kind of nodded hello. I nodded back and smiled. We walked back to the vehicle and she said now what. I said your choice. At this time she was ready for me to come inside her. We tried different positions and the vehicle just was not conducive for several of them. Finally I sat on the bumper and she backed up to me and started riding me like a wild cowgirl. After a short while we both came. And did we ever!  At this point we looked up and we see the naked guy up on the dune again waving at us. We just waved back. My wife smiled and said that was fun. I hope he enjoyed himself. We planned on staying out at the beach longer but as we were getting our beach chairs out the rains came and we were inundated by 2 inch of rain so we called it a day and went back home.

Like the title of this post said, Not quite Hawaii but we couldn't have done it on the beaches there so it turned out to be a lot better.

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good to hear were celebrating our 38th year  and we are planning a hot night of sex with her using her bullet vibe

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I forgot to mention, while we were on our walk and had are vibrators inserted my wife stops and I look at her like what's going on. And she just smiled and said I'm squirting and it is running down my leg. I just wanted to lick it up right then and there.

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